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  • ATTH - Battle Between The Fallens and Chuck Chapter 12

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ATTH - Battle Between The Fallens and Chuck Chapter 12

10 JUN

Chapter 12: Ichi Skulls Gang

- We're finally here
- Yes, i see, but why is the gate to castle locked ?
- Because sometimes evil creatures called Chibi lolicon's try to assault my beautiful gothic loli harem
- Whaat ? Chiki i don't wanna know what else you have in this castle
- So, i have...
- I told you, that i don't need this kind of information. Just knock to the gate
Chiki went to the door and start knocking
- Knock, knock
- Who's there ? - Door said
- Open
- What open ?
- Open this fucking gate
- Wait, Povilas is that you ? You must say password, then i will be opened
- Hmmm, i know: Underground sky
- No, Chiki, this is not correct password. Password is changing every week
- Chiki I don't want to mad you, but i think we will never get to this castle - said terrified Dario
- Of course we will. Go Super-duper Chiki flying jutsu. Here take my hand, we gonna flew by the window
- I think it's a bad idea
- Why ?
- Because this sign says, that all windows are sealed by some magic spells. And also, again this book will look very unreal.
- What ? I've been living in this castle for 5 years and I even didn't knew that. Well, this book isn't a fucking autobiography of Eminem.
- Well, can I ask you one thing ?
- No
- When have you been here last time ?
- Hmmm, 6 months ago
- So, who's been guarding this castle ?
- The legendary Katsura-san
- So, where is he ?
- How the fuck can I know ? Really, Dario you starting to ask, so fucking annoying questions. Just shut the fuck up and let me think
- Well, I think, that we're wasting our time here, because you can't think
Suddenly ChikoritaBH kicked Dario to the gate. It was smashed and some evil creatures came from it.
- Just what the fuck are this things - asked Dario
Get off me you stinky fucker. Go Dario forbidden jutsu: Bodyblow !!!
All evil creatures exploded. Their leftovers landed on Chiki new shirt.
- Dario, do you know, what did you did ?!
- Well, i've just killed those dorks
- No ! You destroyed my new clothes !
- Hey Chiki, it's not a big deal. Chiki ? Fuck ! Stop chasing me !
- What do you mean by "a not big deal" ? This clothes are more valuable, than your house !
Both of them started to running deep into the castle. Dario saw unknown creatures nearby and prepared again his awesome Bodyblow jutsu, but it didn't worked.
- Chiki, stop for a moment
- What ?
- You see those creatures out there ?
- Yeah, so ?
- They didn't noticed us, but i tried my jutsu and it didn't worked on them ? Do you know what kind of monsters they are ?
- Hmmm I think... WHAT ? this are Chibi lolicon's ! But that means... Where the fuck is my harem you bastards ?
Chiki jumped into next room, simply crashing skulls of this creatures one by one. Dario stand behind and saved one of this lolicon freaks.
- Dario, what are you doing ? Just kill this fucker... NOW !
- No ! I'm gonna interrogate him !
- Ok
- And now you baka. You really thought that you gonna win with me ? You thought... WRONG hahaa. Now, do you watch Naruto ?
- Yes
- Do you think, that Gintama is the best anime ever made ?
- No
- I'm gonna fucking kill you
Suddenly Chiki hit Dario with his fist.
- Just what the fuck are you doing ? This isn't interrogation. You ask him just some stupid questions. Let me try. You stupid whinny punk ass bitch motherfucker hommie, just tell me where the fuck is my harem, because if you don't tell me, satan will rape your throat and feed your guts to the snakes !!!
- Please, don't hurt me !! I tell you everything. When you weren't around, we formed a Ichi Skulls Gang and our leader Sasuke kidnapped Katsura and now he uses him as a furniture. Also our leader is looking for One Ring in this area. He will find you soon and you'll all be dead. Hahaha
Suddenly Dario cut lolicon freak in two pieces with his sword.
- I've heard enough. No one can fuck with us. Kidnapping great Katsura ? Looking for One Ring ? It will be my pleasure to kill this Uchicha fucker ! Let's go Chiki we must hurry.
- Okay
And they went to the side of the setting sun.
Will they find Chiki harem ? Who will be the first one to uncover the forgotten One Ring ? Will Dario become blind again by his own demons ? Will Chiki fight against Sasuke ? This questions will have answers in Chapter 13 ! >____<

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Jul 13, 2012

*Just could reply you here, sorry*

Do you speak portuguese? :o

And yeah, this feed thing is pissing me off, I wonder if it will be fixed soon T.T 

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