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  • ATTH - Battle Between The Fallens and Chuck Chapter 4

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ATTH - Battle Between The Fallens and Chuck Chapter 4

29 MAR

Chapter 4: Drop Off - Am I Alive ?

- Whooaaa we are flying ! - I said
- Just shut the fuck up. I can't hear my thoughts
- Ok.
(5 seconds of silence)
- So, hitman what are you doing ?
- I'm writing a message for Daimaou
- That's good
- Chikorita we gonna be dropped in no far time
- What ?
- I'm s-a-y-i-n-g   t-h-a-t  w-e  g-o-n-n-a  b-e  d-r-o-p-p-e-d  i-n  n-o  f-a-r  t-i-m-e
- W-h-y  a-r-e  y-o-u  t-a-l-k-i-n-g  l-i-k-e  t-h-i-s ?
- Because i can ! now... wait what's that ?
Not far away there were some creatures moving towards location of our stupid heroes of this book.
- Hey ! These are Chukoritores ! Sam speed up !
- But i can't !
- Ok Dario thanks for your lessons it's time to use this
- This ?
Gate Nr.666 release Gravity Manipulation Jutsu !
- It's time to have some fun.
Chikorita started to jumping over monsters and throw them at each other with his manipulation power. He jumped back to Sam wing and said:
Dark Rain no jutsu !
Suddenly it's started to rain. All Chukoritores have been stunned and Chikorita said:
It's time to one kick ass jutsu !
- What is it ?
Bad Communication Jutsu !
The creatures started to spinning and in no time they exploded.
- What the hell was that ?
- It is my special jutsu that i learned by mixing Break for me jutsu made by Dario97 and Spinner time jutsu made by Anakin.
- Which Anakin ?
- Anakin Skywalker of course
- So, he lives ?
- Yes, but for now he just runs a dojo called "Drunking dragon"
- What ?
- Shut up you two. It's time to go to our destination. If we gonna be late Dario's will be mad
- Okay Hitman.
They started to moving forward but then suddenly Sam was halved in two pieces.
- What the f...
Hitman and Chikorita started to falling to the ground. Higher Aaron was floating above the ground with his killer's face.

Sorry to keep you waiting, but that was chapter 4. It isn't so good, but next gonna be more awesome. I have some funny ideas, so don't worry. It will kick ass. When it's gonna be write ? I think that in these 3 days, so just wait. Next chapter: Dario & Chikorita vs. Aaron "Buttfuck" Norris. Who will be the winner ?


turtleduck avatar turtleduck
Apr 3, 2012

lol I am now enjoying you stories.

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