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And Yet The Town Moves

Nov 21, 2010

At first I passed over this one for a while. Had other shows to watch and things to do. Sadly I think I should have put it off even longer.

  Arashiyama Waves

The Story [5] - A young girl named Arashiyama works at a maid-caffe and wants to be a detective. Yep thats it, prepare to have your world rocked an huge amount of MEDIOCRITY! The caffe isn't really a "maid" caffe. Our Heroine is clutz with all the intelligence of a rock so detective is looking like a long shot.  She is pursued by a guy with no real story, who she doen't know exist's unless it's to copy his homework, but her friend is head over heals for him. Oh guess what he doesn't notice that either...     

Original -_-.

  I understand that this might have been done to add a certain charm to the show but it does not pull it off. A Love Triangle that doesn't get you to feel anything for those involved, an a frightning female friend who I can only think of as a unintresting Nijima (Shijou Saikyou No Deshi Kenichi) and a following cast of forgettable support and I have a hard time finding what to like here. Oh I forgot she's in love with her teacher, who veiws her as an academic speed bump.

  Animation [8] - One of the Few good notes is the animation, while it's not a carbon copy of everything out there it is good.Lots of shades an background movment wich look great when a scence is outside. But thats it really...   I feel I have to give this a high score because it's the only thing it really has going for it.

  Music/Sound [6]- The music is not for me intro is forgettable an haven't felt inclined to sit through an outro (I am a fan of Japanese music too.) But atleast the voice acting is good, nothing extreme or ground breaking but it all fits.

  Characters [5] - There have been maybe 4 moments in the 7 episodes I have watched that have gotten me to smile (Less than 0.52 an episode). The only character you feel that you know a little bit about is the main, and I find that story boring.

  Overall [6] - Now I can't say no one will like this anime. If you love Maids, or stupid women who somehow can't pull it off to atleast seem cute this might be for you. But it's going to make you work to enjoy it. This could have been good, But nothing fits. Is it a comedy thats not that funny? A Shoujo that only lightly touches on school life to the point that the longest scence are of the Lead getting in trouble for 5 min? A love story that consist's of She loves him but can't tell him, he loves her friend and can't tell her, while she loves the teacher who can't stand her. And it's about a much fun as it sounds to describe it.

  I'm just not a fan, if you want funny go somewhere else, if you want a love story go somewhere else, If you'd like a story about a clutzy girl who overcomes the problems in her life to develope into a self sustained adult...     Go somewhere else.  In my opinion.

I rate this a 6 out of pity for what might have been.

5/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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lycanking20 Nov 1, 2011

hmm am i the only one who really enjoyed this anime? XD

Carreau Aug 30, 2011

Good review. I found the teacher fairly entertaining, and I liked the blonde girl too, but the pain of having to endure through such a dumb main character is too much. All she does is make mistakes or cause problems and then doesn't understand why people get upset at her. It makes me sad that I know someone just like her in real life, and also explains why I hate that person.The fact she couldn't figure out 2 divided by 6 was 33.33% even after taking her time was my breaking point.

greg975 Jan 15, 2011

3 episodes so far and I'd say I totally agree with you, I'll have to wait until it's over to be perfectly sure. I'll add that the voice acting for the main character's the same as Maka in Soul Eater which is so damn easy to notice.

xxjacobxx3 Dec 10, 2010

hey danny otaku! great review man. i just watched the first episode, and i can tell that what you say is dead on what i was thinking it was going to turn out to be. Im dropping it.

Just to add to it though: If I had to explain what i feel in this anime... its that they take a whole lot of things... maybe from different subjects, moods, and environments, etc. and slam them together into something unique... SO! the point im saying is... the whole thing is unique and orignial, but all the little peices that make it up are not. For example: we have seen boring stupid love triangles. We have seen annoying clumsy characters, wierd old people characters, dumb guy characters, overly assertive teachers that really care although its hard to see. etc etc.

There were a few times when i thought that... wow! this anime is pretty neat. never seen that before, but it soon goes away and is replaced by boringness or "not funny-trying to be funny" mood. Maybe it is funny to some people, specifically in japan, but idk.

One thing i have to disagree and agree with chaosss09 is on the main char. voice: I like her voice (i think she voice acted one of the main characters in birdy decode). BUT i dont like her lines and character in this anime. She is "clumbsy"? I know that her voice plays well with a clumbsy person... but they are overusing her clumbsyness... sometimes i cant tell if they are trying to joke or if she is just being normal. I cant draw the line.

DannyOtaku87 Dec 3, 2010

Could have lowered the score more but I figure just cause it's now for me, or most people who don't enjoy bad anime wont mean that no one likes it :P