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I love anime that send a message or are entertaining.

My favorite instrument is the violin, someday I want to work in the medical field, I do some ballet, and I got to school in Times Square in Manhattan, New York.


I love writing- poems, journaling, entertainment- you name it, i love it. Anime has helped me through some hard times. I am a movies, music and books girl. My favorite book is Sweethearts by Sara Zarr. My favorite movies are Pride & Prejudice, Troy and tons more.

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Glitch32 says...

Just saw your need-to-watch list and wanted to let you know that you won't regret watching Elfen Lied, Kanon, and sola. =D They're all amazing. <3

Oct 6, 2010
wolfangel87 says...

We have a lot of the same interests!!!!

What kinds of things do you like to write about?

Jul 28, 2009