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about me

Recomend this anime is awesome Mirai Nikki :D

I just have no life but anime....  I love ... I love ... I love Anime ...

No anime = death

My top 6 :D

1-One Piece <3 

2-Naruto (:

3-Elfen Lied :O

4-Mira nikki :x

5-Guilty Crown *.*

6-Full Metal Alchemist :BrotherHood ^^ 

7-Ao no Exorcist  T.T

love you Pitchuzinhaaaa ... You are Everthing too me :D

I want you forever by my Side :D

You are special ...you are unic.... <3 

Daisuki Kawai <3 


My youtube Channel if you wanna See some videos i made :D

Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/DangerplayerAmv?feature=mhee

I am doing more because the olds videos aren't very good :D

People Enjoy My AMV

About me

Really love anime ... And starting too enjoy Manga :D~

Things I hate:

False people, liars, cowards .... I hate when they start talking bad about someone behind his back I think it disgusting, I hate those who make promises that can not keep, I hate people who lie just tohave my friendship or other person ....
I hate to hurt someone, hurts the heart  : '(.... And more things ...

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i characters

i characters


Not in the anime world *.*

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August 28, 2012

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September 22, 2012

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WhiteKitkat95 avatar WhiteKitkat95


Dec 28, 2012

Found you... ;x

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