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Damias' First Take : Aku no Hana


I felt obligated to do an Aku no Hana first take. Reasons being is that I was mislead. My initial reaction, (Which can be found in my Anticipated Anime of Spring 2013 post) when this was first announced was, " As stated before, animation is the top priority when choosing the anime I'm looking forward to. The only time when I see animation like this is when I take a gander at movies. So what we have here is movie animation..."


Yeah. Not gonna lie. I was extremely disappointed. Embarrassed as well, for thinking this sort of anime would produce some amazing visual. It's pretty amazing alright, amazingly horrendous. But unlike everyone who seems to be in the backlash and outcry of it, I honeslty don't mind. When the beginning of this anime started and I saw the character design, the first thing that popped into my head was, this looks as though they drew over a live people. And found out it was rotoscoped.

So what exactly is my first take of the first episode. I didn't think too negatively of it. This is seriously meant to be a live action movie. The first episode set it to be so. Just an introduction. Nothing too dark, creepy or anything many have said of it. I didn't see that.

The whole purpose of me writing this was to admit how 100% wrong I was of the animation and that I can't stress this enough is that it's meant to be a live action movie. The characters, whether it be the design, the interaction, and the voice acting; it is definitely surreal and realistic. The background sets the mood and the OST, although I wasn't paying full detail of it, seems to expres the creepy factor for this anime.

So to conclude, I believe this is meant to be a live action movie. I didn't think too much of the animation and yes, I'll still continue to watch it, um just for the story. :)

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