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Damias' Most Hated Anime of the Year 2012


And finally, it is time to list the anime I've had the displeasure of watching over the year of 2012. What I meant by worst, it doesn't necessarily mean that its bad, I'm also looking at the anime that decieved me, that was unbearable to watch, poor execution overall, failed to meet expectations and undeniable rage, can't leave that out. So welcome to my first ever Top 15 Worst Anime of the Year 2012. How I'll rank the anime will be from top being the least worst to the bottom being ungodly awful. Also take note that the anime must be completed, meaning I finished watching it and from 2012, obviously. So let's get started.

  1. Sword Art Online (SAO) : At least it wasn't in the top 10. The reason I had this on the list is because it was a completely overrrated. But at least it was entertaining. :trollface:  *More in-depths later...
  2. Btooom! : I found the plot interesting, sort of similar to SAO's first arc. The problem I had were the inconsistency with the characters and story. It was irritating to see how the characters decision making and their sheer luck to stay alive from obvious and blantant nades being thrown at them is so ludicrous. At least it was entertaining, for unexplained reasons. Must be the explosions but even that fails...
  3. Upotte!! : You'd think an anime about moe girls and guns would at least be entertaining, it was. The reason I didn't like this anime was merely because of episode 1 and 10. Episode 1, was uninteresting. I know it was meant to introduce the characters but they could at least make it not boring. Not one scene of girls shooting each other. Episode 10, was really, really, stupid. I may not remember and thank goodness I forgot but it was something about how wrong it is to use guns and shoot people. BS, you showed plenty of scenes involving middle school girls using guns in combat. Could they be any more hypocritical?
  4. Medaka Box Abnormal : Another poorly executed anime. As i said in my previous list, all they did was talk, fight, talk some more, fight some more, flashback, talk, resolve, talk and more talking. My goodness was there a  lot of talking and less action. After the fight between gumball kid and Medaka in the first season and the gloating of how epic the flask arc would be, one would think it would be that good. It wasn't. Yeah, I did enjoy the abundant of characters but I had no interest for any of their backstory. I just want some fighting, crazy, abnormal fight sequences like the first season. Overall, it was disappointing.
  5. Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! : A story about a college single guy having to take care of his deceased? sister's children. A similar premise like Usagi drop (One I would hold dear to my heart) but instead I was completely bored as to how bland the characters are. Not one single moment of character development, nothing but good ol' fan service. Animation, too vibrant and innoncent. 
  6. Code:Breaker : Watching this anime is like a combination of SAO and Btooom!'s critic but what makes this even worse is how annoying and painfully irritating it was to watch these characters, especially bitch Sakura. All bitch Sakura does is bitch and bring up the same subject matter, oh killing is bad, it's not right. And the downside is that she had numberous occasions where they would attempt to kill her and unfortuantely it doesn't happen because of spoilers, spoilers, OMFG pulled out of ass spoilers... :trollface: Screw it, I'ma spoil more after this, she's immortal... WTF?
  7. Hagure Yuusha no Estetica : Another anime with an interesting premise. What happens after the hero stands vitorious over the villian and got the girl. Well, they're portrayal of a happily ever after is a load of shit. We got ourselves a hero whose actuallty a sort of anti-hero that has a perverted tendency for stealing women's brasserie from the big breasted women and also a loli... This is the definition of why I dislike pointless ecchi, fan-service anime. Oh and the animation is bad. The villian is hilariously stupid. This anime is stupid and a second season would be deepshit outrageous. :3
  8. Seitokai no Ichizon 2 : First season's characters were funny, second season was forcefully funny. There was anime references along with the incredible writing in the first season, none what-so-ever in the second. The animation was awful first season, second season was attrocious. There was closure in the second season but leading up to it was disappointing. First season was great, second season sucks. Overall, second season SUCKS!
  9. To Love-Ru: Darkness : I don't like Rito. I don't like the forced ecchi moments. I don't like harem in general. I don't like how they tried to add a plot which is actually really stupid and has no meaning. I don't like how every single girl in this anime is attracted to this one person. Well, may be except this one person but she's being forced into this guy's harem. I don't like fan-service and I especially don't like this anime. I liked the first season but I'll explain later.
  10. Ebiten: Kouritsu Ebi Sugawa Koukou Tenmonbu : Watching this is like watching Seitokai, only this one was poorly inconsistent. You have similar animation and similar character design along with their school uniform (Almost every anime with similar animation has that, WHY?). They did try to add that they're an astrology club about star gazing but they only refer back to being an astrology club in like three moments. The writing was poorly inconsistent, in one half, it's just them copying off Seitokai's anime references and the second involves the trap becoming a pervert and they must stop him from taking over the world... Ok, WTH? Where the fuck did this plot come from and why have it. This is utterly a pointless anime.
  11. La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia (Arcana Famiglia) : This was the definition of DISAPPOINTING. At first glanced, it got me hyped. After the first episode, it got me super hyped. Finishing the series, it went downhill, fast. I was literally frustrated and dumbfounded at how such a premise like this could go south. This anime has everything to make it such a failure, A bland heroine, with a reverse harem of uninteresting characters. You have weak writing which led to pointless filler like episodes, trying to establish and develop our little love circle. You have fantastic animation, which I admire and a finale of an episode that was rushed, lazy, and pathetic. There's no redeeming qualities from this anime. None-what-so-ever
  12. Brave10 : Boring, unadulterated, dull, illogical, mindnumbing, painstaking shitty ass anime. I don't like the setting, I don't like the characters, especially what's her name and I don't like how this is likely getting a second season. I hope not.
  13. Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. : A series that reminded me of Highschool DxD. You got your perverted male lead with an unexplained power boost to defeat the villain like DxD. You have your red head, demonic, damsel in distress love interest who has a high status among the demon world but apparenty is too weak to do anything like DxD. You have a harem bunch of girls that has huge ass breast, like DxD and a plot that is generic like DxD. The only difference is that DxD is engaging and interesting to watch. Whereas this anime, its a fucking chore to watch. Writing makes no sense in this anime and execution was terrible at the finale. And the animation, OMFG, did it got disgusting within the final episodes involving a dying male lead. I loathe this anime.
  14. Hiiro no Kakera: The Tamayori Princess Saga : ಠ_ಠ
  15. Zero no Tsukaima F : Some of you may be wondering why this is my most hated anime of 2012 instead of Hiiro no Kakera. Why because I had the displeasure of watching four godawful seasons of the same recycled shit within a one month span. That's right, I marathon the holy shit out of this anime. And dammit do I hate watching this series. This, this right here is true damn definition of why I hate anime with similar genres you may notice on my page. A fucking retarded shounen male lead with unexplained power boosts, a fucking tsundere that always changes her damn mind at the start of every season whether or not to like this fucktart of a hero and OMG, the misunderstanding, the fucking cliche of storytelling. I hate the ecchi and fan-service of this anime. I don't like anyone in this anime, I fucking hate how the damn male lead, over four fucking seasons has no real thought of how the heck should I get home? Maybe my parents are worried sick of me being missing for four fucking seasons. And the finale season, oh lord did they made it the most BS of them all. The second and third season has no merit, just there to add more dumb girls to this asshole's harem and to collect from their cash cow. FUCK YOU J.C. STAFF, FUCK YOU TO THOSE THAT MADE THIS SHIT.

And that was my Most Hated Anime of the Year 2012. Some mentionees; Hayate the Combat Butler : Can't Take my Eyes off You, Chitose Get You!!, Sengoku Collection, Gokujo. Gokurakuin Joshikou Ryou Monogatari, Kingdom, and Driland. Just couldn't hate them enough to add. :3

Stay tune for more content, especially Part 2.


kio3459 avatar kio3459
Mar 23, 2013

You should copy/paste what you wrote about Medaka Box Abnormal for a review (seeing that there isnt one currently). 

*Sigh.. All they did was talk.. fight for 2 seconds.. talk.. and then.. well.. talk so more.  Nothing was "EPIC" about the 2nd season.  I cant help but think about Mangakas/Bakuman when I watched this series... After how weird the 1st season went (from school life to battle manga/anime).  I get the feeling that they changed it half way to keep the readers hooked.

Either way.. I've come across your blogs before.. Keep up the good work.  Oh, if i wasn't suppose to comment here I'll delete it.

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