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Damias' Top Ranked Anime of Summer 2013


Seeing how the final episode of Symphogear is taking its sweet damn time to be release, I might as well say screw that anime and get this list done as soon as possible. The Fall lineup is piling up and I want to be up-to-date. So welcome to my Top Ranked Anime of Summer 2013. Where we look at the anime from this season that exceeded my expectation of failureness.... I really want to get this out of the way, so blah blah blah, previous format, blah blah blah, if you're new, too bad, blah blah blah, let's get started.

  1. Gifuu Doudou!! Kanetsugu to Keiji: This anime sucks. Animation is horrid, the premise is stupid, and the stories of their tales are not righteous at all. I have no idea what its trying to be. Is it supposed to be comedic? Because its not funny. I doubt the people who made this and directed this even knew what this series is supposed to be portraying. I'm assuming its trying to appeal to the JoJo fans and I highly doubt they be that dumb to watch it to compensate the lack of JoJo. And to think this is getting 26 episodes. My mind is blown. I don't need to wait for it to end to know what I'm giving it. I huge deserving... *0.5/5 The animation is so damn disgusting. Literally eye puking disgusting POS I had ever seen. 
  2. Kimi no Iro Machi: Yes, the worst romance anime I have ever seen. Where to begin. The animation is poor, terrible looking expressions on their faces makes you think they could care less what the person thinks. I don't like the plot; maybe I despise these sorts of plots involving affairs. The people doing so are bad people and they should rot in hell. The characters, wow. Our two main protagonists are scums. Cheating with one another for all the dumb reasons. I'm dating this guy because he likes me and he's gonna die. I'm cheating with you because I love this other girl I've built a relationship during the time we spent together. If you want the other girl, don't date the other one. Asshole. You know what; the characters are children, which is why they made these stupid decisions. I felt bad for some of the girls here because they had to deal with this fucker of a person. If this was the intention of the director, and the author of the manga, then they did an awful job at it because I can name some other anime with a similar story and do a better job at conveying this story. I felt no emotions that would allow me to sympathize with them. In fact, if I can go into their world, I slap the living hell out of them because they are scum. *0.5/5
  3. Recorder to Randoseru Mi: So they changed the animation to Sparrow's Hotel..... Cheap assholes. *0.5/5 
  4. Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories: For ghost stories, I at least wished to be frightened once. Didn't happen. I suppose because its Japanese, I'd understand their mythos and such. Still, it was 3 minutes of poorly animated cliff-hanging chiller frights. Since it's October, I guess it can be something to keep you preoccupied. *0.5/5
  5. Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi (Sunday Without God): Another poorly directed anime. Before I go off on this anime, let me say that MadHouse did a phenomenal job with animating the background, it is beautiful. Now back to the anime. Characters are inconsistent, lots of gaping plotholes, it can never stick to its premise and morals and ideals are so pretentious and stupid. I knew before I even started this that it'll be a poorly generic SoL why so serious anime, I didn't expect it to be so damn pitiful. *1/5 
  6. Brothers Conflict: Because the female demographic demands for an anime about dealing with 13 obsessive brothers who wants you sexually even if you met them for the first time without any sort of development and relationship. It is pretty bland to watch. I doubt this was meant to be taken seriously, I mean they have a fucking talking squirrel who is annoying as Orion from Amnesia. I guess the only likeable thing from this series was the ED and that Hikaru is a crossdresser.... Whats that? He gave up on crossdressing to be with Chii? F***************************K!!!!!!!!!! *1/5
  7. Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East 2: I was bored again. just plain boring. So boring, I have no idea what to complain about. *1/5
  8. Kami Jigen Game Neptune V: One of those games to anime adaptation and no surprise, it was a failure. For a show about game consoles, you'd expect it to be at least fun. Nope, not in this anime. We deal with serious issues and we mean business. This does not need to happen. The setting is in a game like universe filled with women only, except for the mouse.... I guess its male? Animation is visually nice and character designs, with or without powers are pretty as well. The music though, this is the only thng I'll acknowledge and say they did a fantastic job with it. It is eargasm to listen to. *1/5
  9. il sole penetra le illusioni ~ Day Break Illusion: At first, I didn't think much of this anime. After the first episode, I pretty much think this is gonna turn out great, character designs not that great but still something. Then it just went by, continuing to be the disappointment I never expected it to be. Wasted episodes trying to make you emote for our main group but sadly, it wasn't done well. You felt nothing. Then the story comes and you have no idea what exactly is going on, what is driving them to do what they're doing. All it turns out to be slash, feelings, and tune in for the next episode to find out why it gotten to serious near the end of the episode. By the time they revealed the motives, you don't feel the suspense and just feel agitated, like me. Visuals, although colorful mixed with a dark, looming background, the character designs.... it makes you feel it was done by a 10 year old. This series definitely failed in almost every category. In the end, I have to assume that this anime was made because they had seen Madoka Magica and thought, hey we can do this stuff too. They had something but failed to execute and I barely mentioned the things that pissed me off. *1.5/5 
  10. High School DxD NEW: Hoho, I have every right now to claim this series sucks. Did you see this season? It was a complete failure, even more so than the first season. This season felt anti-climatic. It definitely wasn't focused on the actions and just introducing new characters, setting up to a likely third season. I have no issues with that. But if they want ME, in particular to stay with this series, they got to at least bring some sort of entertainment value into the second season. Again, no climax, almost every villain is just an asshole for no explicit reason. The fan-service was also a complete letdown. How is this possible? It is fan-service, it shouldn't be that hard to make an ecchi scene, well ecchi. I felt the animation was downgraded, it just looks bad. I honestly have no idea why I even gave it the score I'm giving. I think its because of the trap though I wished they did a better job with his design and personality. Its so bleh*2/5
  11. Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist: For once, an anime directed for the shoujo demographic did not piss me off like the countless shoujo anime. So what exactly did they do right here? For starters, the animation, along with the character designs looks neat, vibrant and done well. And thats it. The story wasn't too great, the characters themselves are pretty generic and the ending ended in an unresolved manner. Still, it was somewhat enjoyable.... *2/5
  12. Dog & Scissors: One of those anime that knows it wasn't meant to be taken seriously and its intention was to be over the top. I get that. I understand but when if want to that, you have to at least clear way of all the plotholes in this anime. How did he reincarnated into a dog. How are there people are to dog whisper? Why hasn't Kasu try to find his parents and tell them that he's alive. What the hell happened to the damn criminal that killed him in the first place? All these questions left me emotionless and speechless. The characters are suicidal, crazy people. Aside our main protagonists, everyone felt like wasted animation. They barely developed who the crippled girl and the idol girl were except them being famous authors. The animation again, was drawn so bad. In the end, I enjoyed the goofiness and stupidity of this show and I doubt its the end of this series because the ending felt like a preview, a terrible, horrible sequel*2/5
  13. Senki Zesshou Symphogear G: Damn this show, taking forever to be released. Its essentially the same thing, only this time with more super powered girls that can sing, a new enemy, one crazy psychotic sciency guy and a better animation budget. Not much to say, the action is more important than the story and this doesn't float my boat. *2.5/5
  14. Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu: I really did love the premise. Cute girls playing with airsoft guns. The animation, with the character designs screams MOE! And the first few episodes were solid. From there, I thought of it to be a solid series. Until they decided to screw with everything and made this show way too serious. Unacceptable. This is cute girls playing airsoft. Nothing should be remotely dark and serious about this, yet they decided to go with it. And look what happened? It failed so hard. I really want to love this series but when you fuck things up, it'll be dragged down into the pits of mediocrity. However, the animation, premise and my enjoyment did given the score up. *2.5/5
  15. Danganronpa Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei The Animation: Of all the game to anime adaptation I'd watched, this was the most enjoyable of them all. Obvious rushed scenes are obvious for obvious reasons. The animation felt unique but still plain and the characters, well generic stereotypes. Not much to say that the ending is pretty stupid and bland. *2.5/5
  16. Blood Lad: I considered it to be my most anticipated anime of the season. Now, it's pretty average. What I didn't like about it; the animation. This is a mixed-bag because I like the visuals but I hate the way it was animated. It feels rushed and poorly directed. Its hard to explain this nitpick of a problem but its really noticeable. The voice acting also I had an issue with. They keep whispering whenever they talk, especially the damn male vampires though I would get it if its because they're vampires. There was a lot of exposition and not enough comedic scenes and action. I also didn't like that its 10 episodes because during the final arc, final episodes, you can tell they were trying to rush this. Hmm, so basically, I don't like the way it was produced and executed. How about that.... The premise and characters were interesting but overall, its not that good. *2.5/5
  17. Fantasista Doll: This series is so damn flawed. The premise is non existent, the setting is flawed, the drama felt forced and unnecessary and there are a lot and I mean, A LOT of plotholes that even fill the Grand Canyon. The main protagonist especially feels so bland, and irritating because she does stupid things. But with all that being said, this as my guilty pleasure of the season. I can't help it. I love the animation, its so puffy and cute. I love the abundant of themed dolls and the OP, the OP was amazing to listen to. Everytime I hear the chorus, it just brightens up my day and makes up with all the fails within th next 20 minutes of episode. Though all the bads in the anime outweights the good, by a lot. *2/5
  18. The Eccentric Family: A very eccentric show. Its one of those slow about life, family and some Japanese folklore. I enjoyed it to the fullest, for its eccentric cast, the animation and its simplicity. Still, a wonderful show. *3/5
  19. Gatchaman Crowds: One of the most bizarre yet visually and production quality shows. One of its highlight is again, the production, in terms of animation and music. The animation is so vivid and engaging. They were able to make use of the CG and incorporated it well. And for the music, this shit is amazing. Each soundtrack was abled to fit perfectly well with the mood, atmosphere and dilemma of the story. The characters felt so alive and unique, especially Hajime. The one issue I have with it, was the story and that I don't understand the motives and the decision making they had done throughout the series. Aside the story, it was entertaining enough to watch. *3/5 Gatchaman! ~
  20. Senyuu. 2: Still funny as always but emphasized on the story and development of the characters. Highly recommended as always. *3/5
  21. Teekyuu 2: Still funny as usual. Highly recommended as well. Bring on the third season. *3/5
  22. Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club: Let me get this out of the way. The animation is fucking beautiful, as expected. The water is beautiful, the boys are beautiful, and their muscles are beautiful. They make me wet. Pun and innuendo intended. Now with that out of the way. KyoAni, continues to disappoint me. I just can't get over how bad they do at executing a story. I was not interested, invested and intrigue. All they have been doing have been visuals over story and again, something that doesn't float my boat. Pun intended. Basically, the animation and sudden use of dubstep music won me over thus why its getting a *3.5/5 Its KyoAni generic but with at least different than their other works.
  23. Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen: Same premise, only this time the stakes has been amplified. Animation is still solid as always. The choices for the goddesses' bodies were chosen well. Basically, I enjoyed it. Lots of entertaining stuff happening in this series. *4/5
  24. Chronicles of the Going Home Club: Another show that isn't finish but I'll allow it because I love this show. I love this show and its amount of 4th wall destruction and the retorts. Its great. The downside is that the 3/5 of the characters are generic while 1/2 is amazing and the other, is pretty unique. I get that this type of show isn't popular with many because the jokes aren't funny but who cares, its funny to me and we all know my opinion is FACT. The animation is also generic and inconsistent but its my cup of tea. And the mascot, very adorable. I can tell, this series doesn't have the best of budgets but they at least made the best of it and even if its not completed yet, I can't wait for the finale. Score is yet to be determine due to it shear awesomeness.
  25. Love Lab:  Apparently, I got a different story than what I assumed it was gonna be. How would I know? I see two females attempting to simulate romance and thought yuri, added with some comedy. Not an actual, engaging story about romance with some comedy. The animation is cute and I love that it had a balance when to use comedy and when it time to be serious. Though one thing I didn't like was it being serious. Maybe its because my expectation of it was shattered. Still, its a good series overall. And I love Riko. She's so awesome. *4/5
  26. Servant x Service: A solid series. As expected, I love the humor, the characters, the setting and the music. All so engaging. Then when I heard this was made by the same guy who made Working!!, my mentality of comparing had to interfere with me. Is this better than Working!! *Ponders, ponders......  Meh. They're identical with similar themes, premise, characters and even with an addicting OP. Still, it holds up on its own. *4/5
  27. Watamote: Having read the manga, I can say with all honesty that the production staff did a phenomenal job with this adaptation. From the animation, humor, the voice actress for Tomoko, to the kickass soundtrack. The downside with this series is that, at times the humor will get repetitive and understandable because the manga does that as well. But thank the heavens because they were able to make episode 11, the episode many were hoping for Tomoko and that was development. This is a series that is not meant for it to have development. Its purpose is to make Tomoko suffer with its dark humor and get the audience to sympathize amd feel the amount of cringes, awkward pause, and gut wrenching pain. Overall, a well done series which I hope gets another season. *4/5
  28. Silver Spoon: As expected of my second most anticipated. It didn't disappoint. The characters are fun and interesting, especially the development for Hachi. They were able to focus the story to just one obstacle for Hachi and improved as a character once it was done. There were obviously another conflict but that get settled during the sequel coming next season. The animation felt fresh and mashes well with the setting and the music, especially the ED.... I just love listening to it. There really isn't much to complain. A wonderful series which i hope will finish strong by the time the sequel arrives. *4/5
  29. Kin-iro Mosiac: My favorite anime of the series and who would have guessed. The animation is so MOE! The characters are so MOE! And the comedy, its so funny. I assumed it be a drag to watch this before but now, I just love every single moment of it. The first episode especially did a fantastic job at setting the relationship between Alice and Shino and with the other main cast; they have their loveable moments as well. Once the final episode came about, they did the unspeakable and made entirely unexpected musical which was, unexpected. Just so much pure joy watching this. Deserving to be my favorite anime of the season. *4.5/5

This was my Top Ranked Anime of Summer 2013. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Blah blah blah, new format is in consideration, blah blah blah. Look forward, blah. Now if you excuse me, I need some Fall anime to catch up with. Blah.


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