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A Damias' Review : Prequel Bananza

27 AUG

Seeing how the Fall season is upon us with a staggering 42 anime TV series, I had found that there are plenty of sequels that I had not fully watched yet. Of the sequels that had been green lit, those anime are; Hajime no Ippo: Rising, Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta, White Album 2, Freezing Vibration, and IS: Infinite Stratos 2. Luckily, I was able to finish around 60% of what is listed here and I'm here to express my thoughts of what I had watched so far, so let us begin.

First series, Hajime no Ippo. I had seen the first season which had 76 episodes, a movie, and a 1 hour OVA, within a timespan of a week. The amount of dedication and time I had put up with this series is an inidication of how amazing, this series is. If not, then let me just say that Hajime no Ippo is AMAZING. The characters aren't your stapled sterotypical characters. All fleshed out and developed. The animation is awesome and the fighting alone is just beautifully well animated. This is a much watch for those who had not seen it. Even if you're not a sports enthusiast, you'll be captivated by the characters and fight scenes alone. There's also the 2nd season that I need to watch but I plan on watching it around the time the 3rd season rolls in. I can't wait.

Yozakura Quartet, I'm currently watching it and so far, it's pretty average. The setting is pretty neat but the plot and progression is dull and just doesn't catch my interest. The characters are decent and the overall setting, in terms of social status is again, something with potential but just not engaging enough. The music is also good which I had expected in the beginning without watching this because I assumed it was a music anime. Go figure.

Now onto the real reason why I'm here. Infinite Stratos and Freezing. First off, Infinite Stratos. This was bad and by bad I mean, infuriating characters, especially the male asshole and his harem, the plot is non-existent, the direction is pitiful, the CG is damn awful and the amount of cliches is mind-numbing bad. I really, really don't like this anime. To start off, the plot. So we have this world where only girls are abled to pilot these mechs, I'm fine with this if they had the damn courtesy to explain why in hell are women are the only one abled to pilot them. The fact that the male lead is able to pilot them is just destroys the notion. Now that I got this out of the way, the characters. With 1 male and a buttload of female characters, it's already a given that this is a harem series but unfortunately, they had to make it so that all the female character's personality are the same. Sure, their design and their nationality are different but that doesn't excuse them for having 1 dimensional personality. And the CG mech fights. Oh god, it was so awful. It's like re-living Busou Shinki again. The only, ONLY, redeemable factors is that I do like a couple of characters; Charlotte and Laura. Though I hated, HATED, how Laura had a personality shift at the last moment of her arc. It came completely out of nowhere, just to increase the asshole's harem. Whatever, I didn't enjoyed this series and it's a good thing I completely forgot about this.

Now onto the actual anime I just finished watching, Freezing. *Ahem.


This type of hate isn't the same as fucking Arata or Amnesia. Its the same kind of hate whenever I see series like Maken-ki and Zero no Tsuikaima. Whenever a series has shit characters that leaves no impression or sympathy. Whenever a series has a pointless plot that leds to nothing until the last few episodes. Whenever the amount of fan-service can feed world hunger. Whenever there are so many plot holes. There is in fact potential in this series if they had avoided the amount of shit I had to sit through. If they did not pander to those that are fond of the fan-service, the 1 dimensional characters and the unnecessary harem. Characters, they are all shit. Some at one point were able to solidify themselves as decent characters until they decided to do something stupid but the one that pissed me off till no ends was fucking Aoi. Aoi Kasuya, is and I quote, "is a fucking piece of shit scumbag, pussy, delusional wuss, shit fuck, cock sucking, mentally challenged, motherfucking dick cunt ass fuck. FUCK." He has a deep siscon problem, continuing to emulate Satellizer as his bitch is dead sister. He continues to act like a pacifist fucker who wouldn't want to get the people who are percious to him into violence. And for some ungodly reason is this all powerful guy with the skill that makes all the women around him orgasm. Dafuq?

The plot is full of non-sense till the last moments. The whole time, everyone in the fucking West side are all heirarchy obsessed, wanting to outbeat them with who has the bigger tits and ass and stuff. This didn't actually happened but it might as well be. Some shots of them powering up also has the angle where they show the panties and their nether regions first. There was also the thing wear when gets cut by the opponent's weapon, their clothes get ripped off. What happened? The first episode specifically had their body parts cut off, in a gorey way. Throats cut off, arms decapitated, blood spewing out like some garden hose.

Then there are the plot-holes or the annoyances. Though everything is full of plot-holes and annoyances but I digress. First thing, the bitch with her eyes closed. Dafuq is up with her. The beginning, she was portrayed as this coward, push-pver bitch. Then all of a sudden, she became this supposedly badass character who is all powerful and repspected. Um, hello. Where the fuck did this happened? You can't just have this sudden character change without explaining how or why. Second, I haven't gotten an explaination as to why fucking Aoi continues to pester Satellizer. He kept on saying he wants to be partners with her and that she's precious to him. This is basically saying he like her. Why? All you did was ruined her fight in the beginning and got her into trouble and that he feels guilty. I don't see the connection. The clothes ripping off from fighting and the heirarchy nonsense are also annoyances. There are more, involving that super powered courpse that the nun/priest/ bitch has and the final shots of the fucking Aoi's father but I'm not getting into that because who gives a damn if they aren't going to explain half of anything. The father, I can presume is some dick fucker who experimented on his children, so he fucking sucks.

The good moments of this series. Not much. The final arc, involving the aliens using the East side students as zombies minions to fight the West side antes the states and it brought a level of interest. But the boss battle was a complete letdown. That reminds me, dafuq happened to the other 3 aliens that was with th boos alien? Look another plot-hole. The animation, is alright but I hate the character designs and hated how there are so many red heads and blondes. I couldn't even tell the difference. They all look the same and they act the same. The fight scenes are decent but the transformation scenes ruins the moment. Its as if they are orgasming from transforming. And another thing, the whole setting, heirarchy, the gender roles. Its as if they the females are sluts/whores/cougars taking advantages of younger males....... Eww, sick. The partnering up thing is some sort of innuendo like having sex for the first time. Again, sick.

Overall, I really don't like this series. I gave it a 0.5/5. With all the flaws, stupidity, and annoyances, I'm so dumbfounded as to why people like this series. I even hate myself for even thinking of buying the blu-ray of this series a few months back. Thank god, I hesistated and waited till this month to ask the fine users on the forums on their take of this anime. In the end, I leaning on not watching the sequel. Its not worth it. I rather watch the 2nd season of Infinite Stratos and its basically the same thing. Only IS has at least sub better characters than Freezing. It all comes down to character enjoyment for me. If a series has shitty characters, what's the point of watching a show if you don't care for them. It's like watching horror movies, you don't care for the people that are about to get killed by the killer. Only wanting to see the killer succeed in killing them.

And I'm done. That took a lot out of me. Thanks again for reading my views of the anime and I plan on getting my Anticipated Anime of Fall 2013 out soon.

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