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Damias' Top Ranked Anime of Summer 2012

29 SEP

It's that time of the year to rank what are my favorite anime of Summer 2012. And to be pretty honest here, I was somewhat disappointed in some of the anime I watched. In my previous post; Anticipated Anime of Summer 2012, I ranked some anime I believed were going to be something worth geting into... I was wrong. Anyways, a full year of anime has gotten me to this point of being very knowledgeable and/or experienced as to what to look for when I decide what anime to view, so it won't happened again *I hope... Therefore, these are my ranking for the Anime of Summer 2012. Remember, the list will be ranked from the best being on top to the lower ranks, being well, "meh..." And as always, I got to give an explaination as to why I ranked the anime at so position, so yeah... enjoy!

  1. Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Humanity has Declined) : The reason that I has this as my favorite anime of the season is for these reasons... the fairies! End of story... Just kidding. Not only were the fairies that devious and kawaii, you have a cast of characters that are enjoyable, the artstyle was fantastic, the premise is unique and the humor is just superb. All credential I look for when I watch an anime. It had me looking forward to each release every week. BEST ANIME OF THE SEASON!
  2. Binbougami ga! : Anoher great comedic series. The best thng about this anime is the humor. The comedy and the anime references will have you chuckle (in my case) and leave you in "aww" in how they make the humor work so well. You have characters who were fun to get to know, artstyle, also a plus and best of all, there's a second season I'm so hyped to see.
  3. Sword Art Online : I'm confident in giving this anime this high of a rank even though it's not over. I can't help it. I freakin' love the premise. A psychotic genius creating a virtual relity MMORPG game and attempting mass genocide among the players and the only to asvoid death is to complete the game... What's not to get hyped over. Yet, the progression is questionable, the character's at some point are discouraging. It's fun to see the discussion being held at the forums, its quite a hoot. The artstyle is magnificent. And though the anime isn't over, this week's episode, 13 was what I want this anime to do majority of the time. So full of action and humor and all that good stuff. I just watched the anime a few hours ago and it's still in my mind of how epic it was. This anime is promising and something to get invested over. 
  4. Yuru Yuri ♪♪  : I'm beginning to think anime series based on humoring us viewers are anime that I'm totally into... That being said, Yuru Yuri was the best kept secret from me. The first season was really great. I gave it a 5/5 because of how they make an anime about a group of girls that are full of yuri moments that works so well. Had I reviewed the first season, I could go on the record and say that it's the best anime that features a slice of life about girls... Yeah, even better than K-On and A-Channel and so on. The second season, well really wasn't as epic as the first season but still really good. It emphasis a lot more of the other side characters like Chinatsu and Himewari x Sakurako. Still memorable and still a great series overall.
  5. Tari Tari : In my previous blog about how anticipated I was with this series, I was quite right as to how it would turn out. And as the final episode comes to a close, I had no regrets as to why I love this series. The story, the progression. It was all wonderful to watch and explore. The artwork was beautiful and the most important aspect of this anime was the music. The singing was well done, gorgeous and all things wonderful to say about this. No turn off from this series. The final episode, the whole what happens was real touching, especially Wakana. As I said in the discussion thread, damn girl you turn out fine...
  6. Joshiraku : The best comparsion with this anime would simply be Daily Life of High Schoo Boys! (DLHSB) Except, it features a group of professional Rakugo comedians. Not as heavy hitting comedy as DLHSB but it still gets the job done of entertaining the hell out of me.
  7. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate : The story and progression what had me give this anime a fairly high ranking. It's a real good anime. You have corruption, elections, and best of all sweet, sweet, diabetic chocolate... The characters are all right and the animation is fairly decent but I could ignore the artwork for this fantastic story though some moments in the anime could be a real head scratcher.
  8. The Ambition of Oda Nobuna : Quite an enjoyable series. The fact that this anime has a obvious harem which I don't take too kindly was done well. the main characters are respectable people I can acknowledge and my personal favorite of this anime is especially he loli harem. Oh the lolis in this anime are abundant and oh so good to look forward to each episode. The artwork is good there has been no let down from episode 1. There is likely to be a sequel and I hope so. This anime derseves one.
  9. Dog Days' : The same as Yuru Yuri, I regretted not watching this earlier. The anime is fantastic in a realm where a somewhat war can be enjoyable and just for entertainment. Not those kinds of wars where it can be so depressing. The premise is similar to Zero no Tsukaima and I would rather watch 4 seasons of Dog Days than to watch that miserable piece of crap you call an anime. My personal favorite from the anime would be the body swap between Sink and Yuki. I have a thing for gender bender themes. Don't judge. =P
  10. Kokoro Connect : Not really much to say. Since the TV airing has been dismissed and I have to wait for the Blu-Rays to come out, there's really not much to say. The premise is original, the characters are greats, the artstyle, could be an improvement and the depth and development are steadily great... If I had seen the final 4 episodes as soon as possible, I would have ranked this higher. But what to do about it... Still a wonderful anime.
  11. Rinne no Lagrange 2 : Same reason as my previous blog of the first season. I enjoyed it. Not really much to say since I don't enjoy mechs but because of this anime, I'm beginning to think the reason I don't enjoy mechs is because of the artstyle. I personally enjoy Madoka's attitude and personality, makes me want to meet a person as beautiful and hard working as her.
  12. Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere II : All these sequels had me feel bad to not watch them in the beginning. From the first season, I was expecting this anime to suck becuase of the fan-service and the supposed big breasted women in this anime. Thank god becuase I was thinking of another anime. This anime however, I enjoyed so much of it. The abundant of characters, the action sequences, all very engaging. The story however was confusing as hell the first season. Luckily I seem to have a better grasp of what the anime was about. The second season, not as impactful as the first. They should really focus the anime about Toori, he's one of the reasons I love this anime. Ignore the confusing the story in the first season and it will have you enjoying this anime.
  13. Moyashimon Returns : Another sequel I enjoyed. Not the same as the first season but still something to watch. Though the artstyle changed drastically and it sort of turned me off because of how the story was entirely focused on the marriage of Haruka. I came to learn about fine wine and talking microbes dammit.
  14. Campione! : A decent series. You have a harem which was done well, characters I liked, the premise was awesome and the fight scenes were incredible.
  15. Natsuyuki Rendezvous: I thought it was o-kay... not great though, the character depth and development was just dumb in my part. The happily ever after segment in the last episode was both nicely done and pissed the hell out of me. Half of the episode was dedicated to Shimao and his grand adventure and Hazuki being stuck in a picture book drawn by Shimao... Whoopie...
  16. Arcana Famiglia : Oh boy, how I was so disappointed witrh this anime. Here's my reaction post in the discussion thread... "I'm disappointed. This series overall was just disappointing. Nothing about this anime is worth a re-watch. This series had potential to be something good if they changed the direction than what we were presented, like I said way back. If they are planning on a second season, I am very likely to watch it but I'm not gonna look forward to it as I did with this season."
  17. Hagure Yuusha no Estetica : Another anime that was sub par. The artwork is just plain awful. The characters other than Ousawa are just bland. Half the story was dedicated to pointlessness and fan-service and the antagonist of this season was a copyright douchebag. The fianl episode alluding that there is likely to be a second season was just plain dumb and BORING. This anime is lame!
  18. Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! : The best thing that came out of this anime was my curiousity for whom the sister is, the secondary characters, and most of all, Mana, though she fell prey into the final episode harem gathering...
  19. Ebiten : Fo an anime about parodying, you'd expect better than this. The first half demonstrated what this anime was meant to be, funny. The second half, the producers decided to put a random half baked story for no reasons at all. And the final episode, oh the final episode, don't get me f*king started. It was so gosh darn pointless, boring, unimaginative and pissed the living hell out of me. And the artwork, god damn the artstyle! This deserves better... wait nevermind. I have Seitokai no Ichizon and their second season to fill the void...
  20. Chitose Get You!! : Has its moments. It is a very short anime.
  21. Yurumates 3D Plus : Same as 21... but far terrible and a poor ranking choice for the first season on my behalf...
  22. Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. : My post from the discussion thread... "Thank God this anime is over... Back when this anime started, I originally thought that this would be better than High School DxD because of how Ryousuke would be a tolerable male lead than Issei... They're both insufferable... The story was weird, the buildup to the fight in the demon world was a letdown and the final few episodes or the arc with him supposedly dying was just plain boring." After watching this, it made me looking forward to season 2 of High School DxD... I f**king hate these kinds of anime involving harems and perverted male leads who seems to be somehow gifted and so powerful when they aquire their power... Nothing in this show is redeemable or worth a re-watch. And the animation... the final few episodes, where both the human and demon worlds collide and form into one world, the artwork is so horrendous. Screw this anime...
  23. Driland : Boring and unappealing... Dropped right after the introduction of the small fry, so insufferable... Next!
  24. Kingdom : This anime, I loathed this anime. Just 10 seconds in, I see the animation, I dropped it. There should no damn reason to have an anime based on CGI. Not only did the CGI turned me off, the setting pissed me off, the characters pissed me off and this is from 10 seconds into the episode. Worst anime of the season based on the 10 seconds, and the god damn CGI...

Honestly I was expecting great things from this season... It sort of blows. The top 13 were the only anime that had me looking forward every week for their releases. I really hope that this Fall 2012 season would be better to finish off the year. From the looks of things, I should be watching plenty of anime and a lot of them are promising. Stay tuned for the Anticipated Anime of Fall 2012. 


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