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My 5 Cents : Moyashimon Returns


So I finished Moyashimon the other day, and I liked the anime. It was educational, humorous, and especially filled with character development. An anime trait that I focus on when watching an anime. So after finishing the first season, I went ahead and watched the sequel, Moyashimon Returns and immediately felt something was wrong. Instead of explaining, I'll show what my only complaint is...

I honestly was shocked that they changed the animation. Whats worst was that I had no clue that was Mutou(Baffled how shes not hot anymore) when they introduced her and Kei's new design really emphasis on the eyes and pale skin(Really stands out)... To summarize, the animation is a real downgrade/disappointment from the first season and thats my 5 cents.

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AirCommodore avatar AirCommodore
Jul 8, 2012

I haven't started Returns yet, but this is really disappointing. Thanks for the warning, now I can prepare myself/actually recognize who's who when I get around to watching it.

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