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Hi! I'm just your average anime watcher, or maybe just slightly more addicted than most...

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SlayerVan233 says...


Jul 17, 2009
Dorphac says...

All of them! Wow, you must be quite knowledgeable in Anime.

I don't think I could be so patient as to look at them all, however for me to pinpoint anime that I've watched/watching/onhold or dropped that may help me. 

I know I'm currently missing quite a few, hopefully next time I am bored and got free time I will go through my mind thoroughly and see if I can all the ones I missed.

Jul 12, 2009
angelicdork says...

Thank You very much ^-^, you're so kind

I'll add you to my friends list

Jul 12, 2009
Dorphac says...


Thanks much for the welcoming comment.  I've seen some people with the fancy signatures from this site.  I think they are really neat and want to see how much of my life was spent on Anime.  I'm currently attempting to remeber all that I've seen.  Too many from over the years I cannot fathom remembering all of them.

Thanks again,


Jul 12, 2009
WhiteChrys says...

Wow, thanks for the welcoming comment. :D  I feel like an official member of the community now LOL.  Ooh... I like your idea of a "Top anime" list... It might look a little similar though since mine would start with Spirited Away as well. :P  Death Note is also AWESOME.

Jul 10, 2009