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sothis Sep 25, 2007

Hi Dagron! Just wanted to say hello from your friendly site admin. ^_^ Once you have a chance, fill out your profile/top 5 so bored people like me can see what you're all about! :D

VivisQueen Sep 24, 2007

No way, I don't believe you. Woah! @_@ Lol that's amazing! You know, once you get familiar with this place enough, you should REALLY consider helping to add entries to the AniRec. Basically, any anime you don't find, you can do an entry for, if you're good at doing synopses and taking screenshots. There should be a guide to doing entries to the left of the screen. And make sure you do lots of recommending, if anything! *is very in awe* PS. Glad you're liking the features...

VivisQueen Sep 24, 2007

Welcome! Haha! You're plowing on with that anime list as I type. Awesome. Hope you enjoy your stay, and remember to join us in the forum (along with your customised sig) when you're done. We are a happy, slightly crazy, and anime-hungry bunch - so probably just your kind of people! ^_^