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Hey there, my name is Dagon123, and I love anime ^_^

I've been a fan of Anime (and Japanese Culture in general) for a very long time, before I even knew what it was, to the Otaku I am today

From the early stuff like Voltron and Gatchaman, to, of course the now Legendary Toonami block that ran on Cartoon Network, I found my favorite Anime of all time in both Tenchi Muyo and Outlaw Star

I'm a very Nostalgic person, theres a good chance that if I saw it when I was younger, Its got a 5 in my ratings, it may not have really been all that good, but when I first saw it, I was mesmorized, and thats what counts

The only wisdom I can give is that, if you're an anime fan, you should always have an open mind, plants don't grow in the dark away from the sun, people don't grow and learn if they shut themselves to new ideas, The less you judge, the happier you will be ^_^ I'm weening myself of all Cynisism, because when you get right down to it, its "Intillectual Cowardice" Instead of taking the time to understand it, you stand on a superior pedestal and look down with false connotations, If you have "Blatant worst of" lists or "Idc its overrated I don't wanna understand it" lists, thats you, and something I'm not fond of ^_-

A fan of Tenchi Muyo? or the new War on Geminar? check out


Here's a quick little guide to how I rate Anime (Should you feel the need to Compare/ Agree/Debate/Bash) my ratings ^_^

,I will always rate a show, no matter what, so if a show has 0 stars, it means I haven't finished and or decided on a final rating


Bad - .5 to 2.5 stars

These shows just have nothing going for them for me, the lowest of the low, I will never recommend the shows I rate this low, I just do not like these at all, or on a rare case, I somewhat liked them, but they had something about them that was so bad I just couldn't bear to rate it any higher

Neutral/Good - 3 to 4 stars

This rating has a wide variety of genres in it, while I am an optimist at heart and try to find the good in all things, I will rate them as true to my feeling as possible, the Neutral ratings are generally good shows, but not good enough that I would buy them or praise them, I finished them, and they were decent enough to say they were ok,

Great/Amazing - 4.5 to 5 stars

These shows are the cream to my crop, my favorite shows that I've watched, now I do have more 5 ratings then anything else, however, if a show is just fantastic, and i have nothing against it or nothing that I thought was "Ehhh" I will give it a 5, very rarely do I give 4.5's, mainly because, rarely do I find that tiny little thing thats not even all that significant but still enough to drop it half a star, of course if you want to see my "Top Anime" Just check the list below

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Tyr162000 Mar 18, 2010

if your a fan of gundam then you will like Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

but they are making it REALLY slowly!!!!

“According to the official brochure, the episode 2 of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn will be released in Autumn 2010. At this releasing pace, it will take three years to complete the six episode series.”


Tyr162000 Mar 17, 2010

ok thanks dagon123

Tyr162000 Mar 16, 2010

i haven't read the manga but i mite.

but you can find info on the new ep at gogoanime

Tyr162000 Mar 15, 2010

kiss x sis

is slowly being made i think june is when the new ep to come out

Akawoa Feb 27, 2010

Okay interesting stuff to hear about this =D, yeah man, it's good to know that they have competition! That will just force them to try harder to make better products =D. Maybe Section23 will get a hold of some of the new licenses that we'd like to see localized!