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Anime of the Year

10 NOV

Bet that got your attention?

And you know what, coming into this anime looking at all the things behind it, the "genre" the studio doing it, and its unbridalded explosion into popularity

I hated everything about this from descriptions like that.

Let me explain, I wholly beleive you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, and sample and judge everything of its own merit, but theres an eb and flow between experience and naivity that tug of war at this statement, basically, I knew there was a hardcore 180 in there (didn't know when how why, etc), it was Magical Girl, and done by shaft

Now its in my nature to "dislike" things that are popular because in doing so, there are always the mindless ignorants who speak the loudest and speak for those who legitamately like something popular, call it an operant behaviour, but thats generally my initial knee-jerk mental assesment.

I digress, At its core, I at least wanted to see what the whole hub bub was about this Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

I just....I...Wow.....wuh?...HUH....NO....Really?.....0_o.....=O

I haven't marathoned an anime since Evangelion, and what a comparison to make, because I don't think there's anything that can compliment Eva better really, if your still wondering what I think of Magica I WOULD PRE-ORDERED IT right after finishing, lol (Thank Japan for Aniplex USA).

I really don't know what to say about Magica other then, there is no series in 2011 better then it, none whatsoever, its been a long time since I sat down with an anime, and it not only have no expectations coming in but

Wrench my heart strings back and forth

Question my own place in the universe

Question who really is bad and whos good

Take me out of not only the experience of watching the anime itself, but take me out of the initial thought process with the show that the pacing syncs better then JP and Sonoshee in Redline

If you're not convinced yet of seeing Magica, I'm sure some Anime friend of yours whos seen it will tell you otherwise, and if they didn't like it? said it sucked, etc?

Well that sucks to be them lol because this anime really is just that amazing

Kudos Shaft, you may never make an anime again that I find worth spitting in the same direction as, but you will eternally have my respect for doing Magica

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