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  • Alphabet soup, the Magnificent world and Gourmet Hunters

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Alphabet soup, the Magnificent world and Gourmet Hunters


Its been 4 months since I did a blog last (Lots of anime in 4 months) but let me start by, well, let me start with talking about alphabet soup

Now we all know Alphabet Soup, you know with the little letters you can make to spell words? Well I had a chance to eat my own words when I finished Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion

When it comes to new anime, particularly new popular anime, I immediatly am turned off, more often then not because everyone talks as if they are the greatest thing ever concieved, and in what we'll call "the scene" (Which I dont associate my self with, lol) see them as amazing, anyway when Code Geass first came out, it was no exception, I bashed it, I would watch maybe 5 minutes of the first episode on Adult Swim and say it was horrible, you know, the works, well fast forward 2 years and I'm streaming anime and I figured "You know what, I'm no hypocrite I might aswell have a reason to hate this thing right?"

I think I finished my 25th serving of eating my words after I finished Season 1, holy mother of god, I haven't been that emotinally tied to an anime since Black Heaven, and that ending, I haven't watched Season 2 yet (I was a bit dissapointed in knowing they lost the seige) and I've heard that its either amazing or terrible so we'll see, but, it made a believer out of me

Next up is the Magnificent world of El Hazard OVA. Now being the "sister" series to Tenchi Muyo, I knew at some point I would see it, but wasn't impressed after the first episode and a half (I mean it was good but maybe I expected more of a hook because of Tenchi). Well like as time gos I went back and finished the first OVA and man, the ending made me tear up, that music, and seeing Ifurita with Makoto's memories ;_;, and the second one did the same thing, I loved El Hazard and it became an instant favorite, now I have to get my hands on the alternative world and Wanderers (It feels nostalgicly weird being excited about seeing new series that ended over 10 years ago, lol)

Started the ever Gar Shonen Manga Toriko (Legit bought too and posted a video for "Sustain the Industry" =D) I saw the OVA episode from the jump tour and just had to read this, can't wait for the 3D movie to come out too ^_^ This manga is just epic as it comes, you know a manga is going to be memorable, when the main character's life flashes before his eyes because a fruit changes taste and evaporates rainbows, now if only ufotable they could make an anime about it then we'd be set

Well I had more to blog about but just as I thought Its almost 5:00am here and I knew if I didn't blog now it wouldn't happen, lol




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