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Hello, I am Jake.

I’m a bachelor of business administration, specializing in accounting. In other words, I am a professional office worker! Not very exciting, but the pay is good. I don't plan on doing this for the rest of my life. I have considered studying something new (e.g. psychology or social sciences) as I am still young and have time to pursue dreams.

I usually ponder things and sometimes my thoughts won’t leave me alone, no matter what I do. It gets annoying at times, but I have learnt to live with that. I am quite a worrywart. If everything is fine with me, I spend my time worrying about others, like my family and friends.

Other cultures and Japanese culture in particular have always fascinated me. As a child, I used to watch series like Moomins and Around the World with Willy Fog, without realizing they were anime. I got familiar with anime when they started to air Pokémon on TV here in Finland in 1999. The first series I actually started to follow was Bleach in 2005. It has been a long ride since then. I have watched all kinds of anime. Some have been great, but plenty have been mediocre at best.

Watching anime is one of my favorite pastimes. There are so many anime series and films I would like to see and my want to watch list just keeps growing steadily. I'm a bit of perfectionist/completionist, so I really don't like to drop series and leave them unfinished. If it turns out that the anime I just started watching isn't all that good, I just grit my teeth and try to endure to the end.

Other than watching anime, I like to play video games, listen to music, learn new things and dream the days away. I also have a passion for books as I constantly have something to read. Of course I read manga too, but for some reason I don't like to read it online.

My favorite games are mostly platformers (e.g. Super Mario and Mega Man series) and Metroidvanias but I like puzzle games and RPGs as well. Currently, I don't own any consoles besides a DS Lite, but I haven't bought any "new" games for that in ages. I play mostly on the computer, even though I only have a laptop.

I read mostly sci-fi, horror and fantasy books. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is still one of my all time favorites. I keep a record of everything I have read in an Excel document, even though there are plenty of sites in which one could keep a record of their readings. Unfortunately, none that I have discovered are as clean and easy to use as Anime-Planet is for anime and manga.

Come to think of it, I make a lot of lists about things in my life. I have a list for anime, books, films... Even for the things I would buy/do if I ever won the lottery. I guess they make me feel organized.

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JNG avatar JNG

Great Anime List!

May 29, 2009

Thanks for the welcome! I see you have some great taste:)

AweOfShe avatar AweOfShe

Thanks! ^_^

May 16, 2009

Thanks again!

I'll be sure to check it out.

Guilty Gear certainly has evolved now, you should try playing recent ones. And my hope of a Guilty Gear anime was shot down in flaes with merely a so called 'trailer'. =[ But there Is a manga if you're interested. =]

AweOfShe avatar AweOfShe

Thanks! ^_^

May 15, 2009

Oh! Thank you!

I'm surprised, Guilty Gear isn't well known! x]

Thank you for the welcome!

Mung avatar Mung


Mar 25, 2009

Haha, thanks man.

OceanPrincess avatar OceanPrincess

Thanks! ^_^

Mar 18, 2009


well Luigi isn't really my fav, but i luve it when he turns into Mr L :D

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