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Well , I love

Danny Phantom Anime , Ghost Hunt , Fruits Basket , Angel Beats ,  Higurashi , Shugo Chara

and many more that i cant list every single one.

Feeling: Strange

Doing: Drawing/Doodling writting reading and making AWESOME youtube vids

Eating: Nothing , Really...

Drinking: Water

But , i LOVE Anime And Danny Phantom And Thats Just Who I Am SO Dont Judge Me Till You Know Me!!

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What?! No manga ratings?

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Abbylicious Feb 6, 2013

Hay!!!!!!what's up crazy angel

corycool Nov 25, 2012

I watched your video. I'll give you advice as if I was making a Danny Phantom amv. First I would by the seasons on DVD (for the best quality) on amazon.com 

Then once I got the DVDs I would watch the DVDs and take notes. Write down what time on the dvd the clip you want starts and ends. That part takes forever, once you do that use your notes and rip those clips to your computer. Hopefully the DVD drive on your computer is also a DVD writer. But if it's not you can get external DVD writers for very cheap on amazon.com

I bought the DVD ripper from this website to burn my DVDs:http://www.blu-ray-dvd-converter.com. Once you have your clips bring it into your Editing Software and pick a song that has a good build to it, the song is building up to an intense part. Try to tell a story with the clips. I would recommend the song "Doomsday" by Nero. Dubstep is popular these days. ^_^ Hopefully that helps!

Daedra Nov 20, 2012