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Hi everyone pleased to meet you, im kinda new here, i got this website from a friend of mine in youtube (airbornefilip) mentioned it and looked up on this site and interests me coz of its complete/almost complete (i think) anime lists and lets me keep track of my watched, want to watch, etc.. which is great for anime lovers/otaku, or what do you call it.

anyways, my most favorite of all is Air Gear i liked it the most because of its action packed romance, comedy and cool air trecks which they usein performing stunts and participating parts war..

next would be romance, comedy, action filled genre anime like Zero No Tsukaima, Toradora, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Shakugan No Shana, Valkyria Chronicles and many more :)

also, i like tsundere, loli type of anime characters which makes them cute

my favorite seiyuu would be none other than ----->Rie Kugimiya also nicknamed as Queen of Tsundere which is the VA of louise, taiga, shana, etc.

i am also a moderate/hardcore gamer (depends on which game i play) i play Dota, Dragon Nestl, LAN games and mind games..

if you have any animes you know that fit into my genre of interest i wouldnt mind if you comment it that would be a great help and also feel free to look at my list if you have any anime that might interest you.



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airbornefilip says...

Ah, the seatmate 'power'. :D Always useful when possible. Glad you made good use of it. Unfortunately for me, we are spread too thin across the room to even be able to see other tests or hear a word from them without getting cought. Though, there are slight exceptions on some courses. ;)

It's not that I don't need degree for finding a job, it's hard to find it with it so it's more or less the same situation. But I need to get enough ECTS point to remain in army until last exams. Which means I have to finish all 5 courses for 2nd semester. Did 2 and a half for now and have a bit more than a week to catch 'em all. :| Won't give up, if anything, until the end. Will be fun week, full of crazyness, and no sleeping.

Using a program that does the difficult job is good decision. Only big companies make their own engines, all others use someone's else or upgrade old ones.

I got rid of most of my lazyness, though it's still there. :D Started studying, started training. Started everything. XD If I survived the next week, I'm getting complatly drunk. Low chances but yeah. ;)

Jul 3, 2014
airbornefilip says...

2-3-4 hours per exam? Somehow I have a feeling that is not enough time. :) I realised few days ago that I'd most likely fail if I'd come to any east asian school or university. I'm too lazy for that. I'll have to deal with my laziness sooner or later. Probably starting 5th May. Either that or I'll have to sign out from university and start working. Which wouldn't be good. Neither for me, nor my family. 

Will watch it. I bought an extern hard drive, 1TB for 540kn, or 100$. So far, so good. Too bad I don't have USB3 on my laptop to utilise extern HD's full potential. USB2 will suffice until I buy new laptop.

Tough training finished the day I finished Bakuman. :( I'm not happy to accept it but I got double lazy after that. Too bad you can't punish yourself. Or at least, I can't punish myself.

Grades sometimes matter. Usually not but sometimes. :D Glad to hear you passed the failed ones. It's the best reward for studying. The passing is.

I'm going to be 4 days at home and am downloading internet on extern drive. XD Will probably install few games from steam now that I got some free space on disks.

Doing anything else along with university is tough, it's normal to postpone something, especially something that takes time. Like a game. It's good you have concepts. You'll do programming or friend/someone else is better at that?

I tried making Pac-man again. Last time I failed at AI. Ghosts could go through walls. Mother****ing harder Pacman ever. <Insert Samuel L. Jackson inage here. ;)> Now I'm stuck on AI again, trying to make it work better than it was. Next one will be Snake. Seems much easier than Pac-man, just because there is no AI. Still, need some time to swallow.

Good luck with the programming. You'll need it. Check this for reference.

May 1, 2014
airbornefilip says...

I took some time between the responses. Lots of time actually, almost 2 months. :| Bloody internet is never stable. And is exam time again here. Coincidence? Probably not. :)

I'm going computing but do have some subjects same as those from electronic engineering.

Nothing without gamble. Too bad I'm not good with gambles.

I have it on my list but I never started watching it. Tried finishing those with 13 and less episodes. Failed obviously. :D I'm sticking with Bakuman for now. At least I study and train after each episode. 240 push-up per day, 60km running, 60km walking just because studying+Bakuman. When I finish with Bakuman, I'll have to watch something else inspiring. :) Will probably Chihayafuru if you recommend it.

You expected that outcome from exams or went worse/better than thought it will?

Tried Orion Dino Horde? 

Mar 30, 2014
airbornefilip says...

Take your time responging, I have plenty of it at my disposal. Yeah, it's exam time, but I'm lazy bum so, yeah. Plenty of time, which I usually spend sleeping. Or playing CoH, since unrestricted internet is down for almost half a month now. Even more free time than I can imagine. Am studing electronical engineering atm, took a pause between switching lessons. :D Exams rock. \o/

I spent few free jellies I got on various occasions. No luck with it. Should have tried drunk.

More I read about other countries' cadets and military scholarships/university courses, more I see I have it easier. :D Not that it should be that way but that's people and their mindset. Much more relaxed here, even though it's an army. Plus, when you have 70 smartass-armycrazy students at same place, it's not easy to deal with it. :D Never a boring moment.

Those few exams I wrote, not went well. Finished 2 subjects completly, 1 half and 2 nothing. Still have 2,5 weeks to finish 2,5 subjects. It's gonna be fun ride. No sleeping, no playing. And only motivation is that I'll get new laptop if I finish them all.

I'm glad to hear that Bakuman is good, it's 1st on the list to watch right now. Motivation and dreaming, that's nice combo. Childhood stuff is always the best, however bad it is actually. :) 

Watched Blue Exorcist. Great. Would be better but end was kinda overused. Still amusing and interesting to watch. Had to watch it completly after I watched 1st episodes. It's first sign of greatness.

Yep, yep, free L4D2. ^=^ And now, when I have credit card and scholarship which I can hardly spend until next comes, I bought few more from Steam when there is 70% discount on certain games. Don't regret 1€ spent so far. By the way, I'm airbornefilip there as well, so you can add me there if you want, I can't connect there until unrestricted internet is repaired.

Fared well on your exams?

Feb 11, 2014
airbornefilip says...

Nah, that one doesn't bother, except walking to her house. Tamara is the name of annoying one. She wants/likes to cook but doesn't know. And you have to keep getting ingredients.

It sucks when you have to use luck but no, it just don't want to go. And again and again. Sucks. And can't help it.

So, ROTC is a must in some way, you  just have choices to chose? 

I finished Maid-sama. I'm glad I read it, good stuff. I started Hayate no Gatoku now, I believe it has 450+ chapters, but I didn't know what is it about and ho much of it is out. Now I read 100 chapters and because of that, I have to finish it, however long or interesting it is. And To Love-Ru. This is at least shorted and more interesting. But I have univeristy and exams. :| 3 weeks until showdown, got to make myself study.

I'm glad you're all right.

P.S. I got Left 4 Dead 2 for free on Steam Christmas giveaway. Great game for releasing stress. :D

Jan 7, 2014