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High School DxD

Jun 6, 2012

Based off of one viewing of the series

Story- 6

High School DxD was a supernatural anime based of light novels released in 2012. It follows the story of Issei Hyodo. Issei was a regular high school student that was asked out by a fellow classmate that turned out to be a fallen angel and killed him. He was resurrected by Rias Gremory, another fellow classmate who happens to be a devil, as a devil to be her servant. The plot then becomes about Issei trying to understand the power within him that was the reason for him to be killed originally.

The story is lacking here. It tries to incorporate religion, philosophy, and chess (for some odd reason) all while being as perverted as possible. In this regard, I am reminded of Highschool of the Dead. If the show lost the majority of its perverseness, it would gain much more in decent plot. When major events happened, it would always have a cookie-cutter solution that is so common among anime such as this. There is nothing of substance here, just a lot of ecchi empty promises of what could have been.

Animation- 7

It’s unfair to compare this show to Shaft’s Nisemonogatari, but among other show that came out along side High School DxD, it comes off as average. There are no fluid motions, extravagant scenes, exotic color palettes, or character models that stand out to make you remember this anime. The style fits perfectly well for sight gags, but in more serious moments, it is exceedingly average. More effort is placed on the show’s ecchi moments. Commercial break slide are filled with pictures of the main girls in scantily clad outfits, ecchi scenes are superior in animation to the rest of the show, and the outro…you can only watch it to understand (the intro isn’t animated half as well).

Sounds- 7

The sounds are very stereotypical of an anime like this. You get the boob bounce sounds you except from ecchi, dramatic music in situation that are suppose to be dramatic, etc. the intro also fits to the show’s theme. The outro music kills the plot’s seriousness every time it’s played to throw you back into ecchi mode. The best part of this show, sound wise, are the voice actors. The voice actors are good in this series and fit the roles well.


The voice acting is good, but the characters take away from that quality. Instead of characters of substance, we have dime-a-dozen characters that are so common in an action/ecchi show that a dime is too much for them.

Issei Hyodo- the main character and perverted hero

Rias Gremory- the large breasted beauty that the main characters actions revolve around

Asia Argento- the soft spoken extremely kind girl that’s head over heels in love with the main character

Akeno Himejima- the girl you never see that gets upset and always has a smile on her face

Koneko Tojo- the emotionless loli who thinks extremely lowly of the main character

Yuto Kiba- the pretty boy thrown in to add extra testosterone to the show (the throw away character)

Concept, Creativity, and Originality- 7.5

Though the concept of the show has been done in some form before, it was very engrossing; the story of angels, devils, and fallen angels fighting to survive draws you in. Any attempt that could have been put into this aspect is substituted for as much perverseness as possible. To the shows strength, they show finds new ways to show its ecchi scenes that are unique to this series.

Overall- 6.5

I feel that some enjoyment can be had from the show, but it is only if you dumb yourself down to enjoy it. However if you hold it up to its true potential, then you’ll have five major problems with the series:

1. The plot wasn’t capitalized on

2. Ecchi was turned up to 11

3. Too many character stereotypes

4. The premise suffers lack of clarity

5. Any serious moment at the end of the show is ruined by the outro song.

The series had so much potential, but failed to capitalize on it and we are left with a mediocre/sub-par anime.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
6.5/10 overall

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