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Hey guys, welcome to my profile.  My first anime was soul eater, but I never  actually finished it.  I think it was on toonami or something I don't really remember.  I love action animes especially mechas.  My favorite out of all of em has got to be gurren lagann.  I don't know why this site has a freakin 80 kb limit on pictures or I might actually have a decent looking profile picture, but whatever I'm too lazy to do anything about it.  You can totally see that's viral.  Anyways if you know any cool action animes lemme know. 

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Skygryphon Dec 13, 2012

Replied to you on Cupid! Man, I can't believe you're the same guy...how does that even work?

Skygryphon Dec 4, 2012

And welcome to Anime Planet, by the way! I didn't realize you just joined. Hope you're liking it around here!

Skygryphon Dec 4, 2012

Hey there! I can't believe you actually saw that Blue Exorcist review...I thought for sure it was completely buried by now. XD Anyway, I'm glad someone recognized the game! I love Blazblue to death. The constant re-releases sure do get annoying, though -_-