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I don't think is one that is a manageable   Safer Colon without a very powerful state involved in all of this that said it is also not explainable I think by simply invoking the idea that we have really big brother watching and that in many ways is what makes form mind my thinking so frightening about the Nazi example NYI don't think it's just about them then it's very mocha story that we need to think about for today as well I hope that addresses we talk about the further what and I would just said that in the United States as well just as they were parents writing and was in just one year writing to government in the twenties and there was a something a petition to 160 parents wishing to euthanize their children or to at least hat make sure that they were sterilized in perhaps if there was you things yeah I'm think we have another I may be going off to happy little bit but an I'm currently enrolled in a class where we discussed issues in science and today we had to be about an Golden Rice where beta carotene is arm use it to generate genetically modify the strain a phrase in order to fight against vitamin A deficiency within developing nations and I was just won.

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