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I'd like you to meat D3CK also known as Tanya ^^ 

Not much there to say.. um i LoVe to read, doodle, and hand out with friends. i spend most of my time on my phone and computer i hide behind books. If i complain that im FaT(im not) its because i eat WAYY too much!


Hope we can be friends...


WARNING!!! on thing to know about me is..im randome and LOUD!  


WARNING!! This WhItE GiRl dosn't really know whats she's doing!!.


Look for me on gaia: BlackRainBowO-x <3

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micsoul Aug 21, 2013

Nm just got pulled in to league of legend band anime

micsoul May 6, 2012

wow its been a really long time hasnt it lol so how are u XD

micsoul Dec 14, 2011

how u been

Soup Oct 17, 2011

Yeah sorry for some odd reason the site wouldent let me log on and when it did it never let me see my message it just started working that and i been studying for my play im in.....and yay thanks your amazing also...and sweet  your that far makes me wonder how long is this game lol....and its okay i barley play anymore cause i got lost were i go next after the robot guy so i been fighting him trying to get bunch of level orb thingys ...  i been stuck on ps3 and 360 alot only time i played game cube was for Legend of Zelda orcarina of time and now harvest moon :P.... ... and hic yeah i love the vocaliods also my favorts are Miku, Kaito and then Luka thats why i love my project diva vocaliod psp game demo. the brs anime (for miku pretty cool the manga was okay to me didnt finish it lol)...and ohh i love soul eater also

micsoul Aug 23, 2011

im not much of a sports type and ya i cant wait for school XD werid dont u think