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I'm Devin :D When im not practicing for Marching Band or playing xbox, im watching anime. I used to watch anime a lot when i was little but a couple years ago my interest really sprung up. Ill watch pretty much any kind of anime and i always finish watching an anime once i start it (unless it has like 48392384793847 episodes *cough* One piece *cough*. I will most likely write reviews on the anime i watch so that if its good, people will know about it and if its bad, people will know to not make the same mistake i did by watching it. 

Favorite anime: I'd have to say "Highschool of the Dead"  I felt like it perfectly captured the whole zombie apocolypse theme and addressed points no zombie movie has ever done. Plus the characters are great.


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Xetam Nov 15, 2011

Haha, welcome Devin, you seem to like this site a lot already. xD

SinTheory Nov 15, 2011

Welcome! please enjoy your stay :D

turtleduck Nov 15, 2011

Hello and Welcome!!