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Hey there!

When it comes to anime, I do not watch any anime that is strictly for children or purely comical such as a very moe series. I seek a one-of-a-kind story in anime that American TV shows lack. There are stories told in certain anime that only adults would fully understand. One such anime is Black Lagoon dealing with the life of a modern day pirate of the oceans back in 2006. There is a ton of profanity and killing throughout the anime but it maintains a reasonable story to support such scenes.

Another example, Mirai Nikki (The Future Dairy) is something not commonly conceived. The twists and turns of how love is portrayed by the alterations to the delicate fabric of time brings a one of a kind experience. What I also seek in anime is the pure emotions expressed in a character's facial expression. No, I’m not talking about the comical expressions, but the expressions that portray an emotion that would take a professional actor/actress years to mimic such talent.

I also enjoy learning pieces of the Japanese culture through anime. A slice of life is always delicious.

What I dream for is seeing the world and its different cultures with Europe and Japan in particular. I plan in the future to study abroad to Europe and Japan before my student years are up. There’s a big world out there and I’d like to see as much as I can before I reach the end of my life.

As for other hobbies, I am a person of many varying interests. I usually enjoy using a computer to do varying activities such as Photoshop, 3D modeling and animation, and some minor PC gaming. I also have a ps3 but I find myself giving up on consoles in the future as I find so many other benefits by playing on PC.

I was on my High school's Swimming and Track Team for three years. Though my high school years were the roughest years of my life. Not by sports, but by the way of living I had to endure that only few close to me know about.

Before considering to watch any anime, I usually don't watch anything below 3.0/5.

Overall, I try to find any hidden meanings in a work of anime and other forms of entertainment such as regular movies like Pirates of the Caribbean. Another example is that the Madoka Magica series encompasses many themes not used in a traditional magical girl anime. And this is the reason I have watched and enjoyed the series. To name a few, horror, time-travel, gun fights, death, aliens.

The next text section should be observed with a mature mindset.

As for what kind of sexuality I enjoy in anime, I prefer seeing heterosexual relationships between characters (Ex. Kirito & Asuna from Sword Art Online). I have no problems watching Yuri relationships in anime but I don't go out of my way to seek such a series. I have not watched and never plan to watch a Yaoi series since seeing such relationships sicken me.

How I rate anime:

1 star: Not going to watch or finish the series based on ratings from others (Waste of time)

2 stars: Not going to watch or finish the series based on ratings from others (Waste of time)

3 stars: Lacked an in-depth story of characters and may focus too much on ecchi and/or moe and/or contain poor humor (may stall or drop). Plot fairly predicable.

4 Stars: Worth watching at least once all the way through and leaves an emotional imprint upon me. Kept me guessing what events would come next at least toward the end of the series.

5 Stars: Original, high-quality in-depth story that may have been very psychological with beautiful artwork. Kept me guessing what events would come next.

In the end...

About the Characters I like:

As for the characters I adore as indicated by the list below, any guys on the list are guys who I'd like to have as a friend or best friend. Some reasons why are that they first of all may treat women right or just share many of my interests or simply would make my life a bit more interesting (ex. Okabe-kun from Steins;Gate).

As for the girls on my list, I'd like to have as a friend or best friend or perhaps even as something more. But alas, I only use their character as a reference to what I seek in the heart of a real girl. The concept of having a character as a waifu is outrageous to me since such a relationship is synthetic and only of one's imagination.

Random fun question: If you could dye your hair any color, what would it be?

If I were to dye my hair any color, it would be black with an electric blue stripe in the front.

Other things about myself:

My desktopnexus profile for anime pics.

Types of music I enjoy:

Dubstep (Skrillex, Krewella), Techno, Trance, House (Deadmau5), rock, some heavy and death metal, pop, almost anything pretty much.

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NeiniAurora3500 Aug 20, 2014

Hello Cyntrinix! I have been doing well. Watching a fair amout of anime throughout the summer. Also found some interesting games.

It is interesting to see someone like Kirino. Watching anime and playing visual novels like that is similar to the majority of my hobbies as well. I've got the habit of anime jumping, the 2nd season is a must watch which I will get to finishing. One of the cool things about this series is how her brother defends her hobby from her Non-Otaku friends, as well to her dad. Kuroneko is certainly an awesome character. Its great that Kirino has her to discuss anime topics.

Yeah, I'm also planning to finish the vn for Steins;Gate before thinking about the anime. I've seen that there are 5 endings, but I'm not sure what exactly triggers the branches to deviate since I hear that many texts from people are optional to reply to. Or how not replying to a call from Faris or someone will change the story. That'll be stuff to find out on future playthroughs when going for different endings.

Aside from the stuff I'm watching now, I'm not exactly sure what I'll watch next. No Game No Life sounds pretty popular along with Kill la Kill, haven't really researched much about them, but people talk about them frequently. Using Anime-Planets new personal recommendation feature sounds like it'll be good so I may use that to throw a dart at the next anime to watch.

True that having a lot of choices from games and anime makes it difficult to choose. Doesn't help with the already vast backlog that keeps building up, and the games that require multiple playthroughs to get all of the content out of it.

So Dark Souls II is part of the same universe or story from the 1st game? From what I understood I thought they were standalone. It sounds like it is just as difficult as the 1st game. With the complex character customization. And the multiple levels of New game + really sound like it can get at least 500 hours of gameplay out of many people.

For games I've been into the newer Shin Megami Tensei games playing them several times to get all the endings, building up the ultimate teams. Otherwise there's a significant turn based strategy rpg from the creators of the Ys series called "The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky" that turns out to be a great hidden gem. Part of the reason I didn't know about it until now is that it was only brought to the pc and localized July this year. It has a pretty epic story with turns of events that keep getting bigger, a minor incident turns out to be the work of a small group who in turn is manipulated by a larger group. Its pretty interesting to see plots that escelate like that. For only $20 it is way more than 50 hours in length with great characters and story.

NeiniAurora3500 Jul 19, 2013


I know what you mean. I also took a summer class this year. It wasn't too difficult luckily. It was communications and it was actually a fun class due to the professor teaching it. The satisfaction of gaining extra credits beats having 3 months of vacation. 2 months is enough. Glad you passed your class.

3D modeling sounds like a fun field to go into. As for my major, it will be computer technology. For a career, I'm thinking about level design possibly or something along those lines. Though I'm not certain.

Never knew a project like that was happening. To think a video game similar to SAO or .hack could become a reality in my lifetime. (Minus the dying part from SAO I'd hope lol)

NeiniAurora3500 Jan 11, 2013

I can say the same as well. It is good to find someone who has similar taste.

Sad to say that I don't play on the Wii or PS3 anymore. Part of the reason with the Wii is that the remote connection is screwed up and I have no idea how to fix it. Then there is that I mainly play games on the PC nowadays. I can't see getting a Wii U anytime soon until the library becomes much larger. And until there is a game I must have that appears only on the Wii U. Or 3DS/PSP. The 3DS has very good graphics compareable to the PS2. (Seeing as one of my favorite games on there is a port from a PS2 game. I'd say the graphics look even better on the 3DS) As for the games I play. There is always Minecraft/Terraria then there are Damaku shooters like Touhou and Gundemonium I play semiregularly. Recently I got addicted to an adventure/platform rpg called Ys Origin which is very fun.

That's alright. It can be difficult at times to make videos and when one gets busy its even harder to make videos. 

Heres a link to my channel That said it is largely inactive. All except the most recent videos are old from when I used to play on the Wii. I'll still upload something occasionally but no on any type of regular basis. 

As for Music. I don't really have one favorite genre. Basically anything that sounds good to me. That said I mainly listen to video game music as I find a lot of joy in listening to great soundtracks while playing games. I guess you could say Classical as a general genre. Almost anything with an Organ and/or Violin/piano will most likely be fun to listen to. 

NeiniAurora3500 Jan 5, 2013

Hello Cyntrinix! 

Glad to hear that about my profile. That story sounds pretty similar. Angel Beats is a great starting anime. When you see those animes that get you to watch other anime. You know you'll watch many more. Very true what you say about anime. A majority of American shows/cartoons mainly focus on just comedy and that can get very tiring when there isn't a different type of show to turn to. Anime offers everything for people of any age. In turn it has also peaked my interest in Japanese culture and many elements in it. It sounds like your personality is similar to mine as well.

Those are some of the best animes ever. It looks like you've got great taste! I've heard Sword Art Online is pretty good. Since the soundtrack is done by Yuki Kaijura (one of my favorite musicians) it should be very good. It reminds me of .Hack//Sign in a way. Both taking place in an online video game.

In the old days of playing on the Wii Mario Kart was one of my favorites as well. That is pretty good. Even on Mario Kart DS I could only reach 2 stars on all the grand prixs and barely get 3 stars. I played a lot on the Gamecube/Wii back in High School. True enough the Metroid Prime series are most likely the best games ever. Its difficult to get enough of them. It would be interesting if they could develop a new metroid game for the 3DS sometime soon.

Otherwise I mostly play on the PC and handhelds like the DS and PSP nowadays when not watching anime.

I don't go on any social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. So I can't give you a link to any of them. I can also be pretty late with replies, thou I'll try to get to replies in a few days of receiving them. Otherwise outside of here you can reach me on Skype or Steam. Both of my accounts are called "Aurora3500". I have a youtube account as well but I rarely check it and most likely wouldn't get to any messages anytime soon from there.

It is a pleasure to meet you Cyntrinix. It should be interesting getting to know each other more.