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Hello my name is Carly and I am into the gothic style and music. I love anime and drawing in that style! I wanted to try this site out because my friend Zoe keeps showing it to me and it looks fun. I would like to become more aware of good anime so I am hoping I can find some good stuff on here.. I figure if I can't on this site.. then I am just .. not gonna find good ones... or... I'm just too damn hateful lol.  I love the anime art style and my god voice actors just... they just try so hard! One day I would like to have an otaku bedroom filled with action figures and dolls that have to do with anime and video game characters. Also just to throw it out there.. I love all things cute,kawaii, and just... too adorable to handle. So stuffed animals and plushies are my passion. I just noticed how crazy this makes me sounds. XDDDD I don't usually get this excited about stuff.

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