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default avatar Groove


Oct 5, 2007

emm... What?! You liked the Shana movie?! I think it was the most disappointing piece I've watched in a while, I had so many expectations but what I got is retell of the first (Friagne) arc with minor changes. To be honest I would get way, way, way more satisfaction from just watching the TV series again.. I'm so angry I can't even express it with words.

P.S. I watched it 30 minutes ago by the way.

default avatar Groove

You Rock!

Oct 5, 2007

Congrats on Hanbun! This is no doubt one of the most satisfying shows I've ever seen.

About your question, I would go for either Maburaho or Air, if you want something heavy, dramatic, that makes you want to drop a tear then go for air, if you want some mindless fun, watch the great romantic comedy, Maburaho.

By the way your Louise sig owns my Shana badly :(

default avatar Groove


Oct 1, 2007

I'm not very depressed though because Shana 2 is only few days away, and we can always hope for Louise 3 :)

default avatar Groove

Nice Avatar!

Sep 30, 2007

Ok, this is officially the best avatar I've seen around lately.

Louise Banzai!


taku avatar taku

Thanks! ^_^

Sep 30, 2007

okay thankyou i will give it a try

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