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wolfangel87 says...

Hey!!!!  Weaving my radom way through this site and came upon your exquistetly blank profile!  :(  With all of that anime I am sure it is hard to pick a favorite, what kinds do you prefer though?

Dec 5, 2007
tetra says...

It is a nice picture =)

 Did you think the same thing as me about Kiba by the way? It is a cool setting, but the main character is so annoying and selfish that it is a pain to watch the series...

Nov 30, 2007
tetra says...


I was browsing through the new members and saw that you had started to make a signature, so I though you might want to check out the signature forums. Some of our members has made/is making pictures to use with the signatures that other members can use and those pictures are posted there. It is also possible to make a request for a specific idea/anime/feeling/'whatever you can think about' and see if someone might do it for you =) 

Nov 27, 2007