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I'm just an artist who aspires to have her own cartoon one day! I'm also a real Serial Experiments Lain fan.

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I'm not a big fan of shoujo anime. Although I am a girl, I feel like shoujo is too dramatic and emotional. The girls are too feminine. The GUYS are too feminine. Ugh. I don't like macho men, but still.

I don't get the appeal. Anyway, i'm a big LGBT supporter. So, I don't care about people's sexuality or gender identity. It doesn't matter to me, as long as you're you. :3

Also, Grell. I love Grell. A lot.

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AtticPrincess says...

Thank you for your comment ^_^ I like your signature! :3

Jul 3, 2013
NatsuIgneel95 says...

My fav characters from Touhou are Reimu Hakurei,Flandre Scarlet,Aya Shameimaru,Remilia Scarlet and Marisa Kirisame

Jul 3, 2013
NatsuIgneel95 says...

yup...i really like Touhou,,why?

Jul 2, 2013
NatsuIgneel95 says...

well my friend recommend me to watch Nichijou and Azumanga Daioh...cuz this two anime really funny...i will watch it after i finish watching Hanamaru Youchien

Jul 2, 2013
NatsuIgneel95 says...

well i just want to watch Azumanga Daioh ^_^

Jun 30, 2013