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I'm a freshman in the University of Oklahoma and am studying to become a nurse or at least something close to that.  As of right now I'm taking 13 hours, thought it might be good to start off slow.  So far it's been going great and other times it's really stressful. I don't quite have the skills to balance school life and social life so in my spare time I enjoy watching anime.  

Other than anime I love reading books.  I read a lot back in high school.  Most of the books I read were romance, fiction or classics.  I also enjoy reading any kind of myth like Greek mythology or Egypt mythology.  Like anime, books are my escape from reality.  I also like basketball and tennis.  I'm not very good at them but nonetheless it's a very fun sport.  I have also attempted various types of instruments.  Although I'm not very good at any of them I have tried playing the piano, flute, drums, and more recently the gutair. Out of that list I am most skilled in drums, however, I have been told that I still suck at it.  Hopefully, no one will ever have to listen to me play.   

I don't read much anymore nor do I play any sports.  This will probably lead to the infamous freshman fifteen but I'm okay with that.  I was forced to make some sacrifice since starting college but luckly anime wasn't one of them.  Somehow it always ends up on my window during the weekend and I'm fine with that.  However, I watch a lot less now then I did in high school.  

Most of the anime I watch are fairly new which works fine with me since I don't have much time to watch them anyways.  Currently I'm enjoying SAO very much.  One of the first anime I watch would probably be Sailor Moon.  I remember waking up at 6am to watch it before kindergarden.  Now that I think I about it I wished I had slept in instead.  It was around that time I also got hooked on Pokemon.  I even had the cards and would challenge any one to beat my deck.  Along with Pokemon I also watched Digimon and Dragon ball.  I still enjoy those shows but I've moved on to newer things. 

I don't really mind whether the anime is in sub or dubs.  However, if I start a anime with dubs then I feel obligated to finish it in dubs.  This results in some anime taking years for me to finish.  Most of the time I stick with it but othertimes I give in and watch it in subs.  

I really like this features of this site.  Since I usually watch a range of animes at the same time, this site helps keep me organized.  I also really enjoy the recomendation people provide for the animes; I'm always looking for my next distraction.  I dont always make recomendations myself but when I do it has to give me a sense of deja vu.  I don't know if anyones ever read them or if they're useful in anyways but I like to think they are.  

Unfortunately, I never really got into manga.  I've read a couple but i enjoy the anime much more.  I think it's the pictures that throws me off.  I've never really liked picture books since it defeated the purpose of a book.  Books should be about the words not the pictures.  Maybe that'll change when I get older, who knows.

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ScruffyThe1 avatar ScruffyThe1


Feb 7, 2012

My Skype is a.scrofano. :3

If you enjoy reading books, I'd say definitely go for it. Only do something you feel passionate about. I'm sure you've been told that a lot (or maybe not >.>), but it's true. You'll regret it eventually if you don't. 

Does it eventually develop into something similar to Toradora! though? Or even The World God Only Knows. Though that was a rather unique romance anime. :P

True enough..I actually plan to start FMA:B this month. :D

ScruffyThe1 avatar ScruffyThe1


Feb 7, 2012

Ahhh! I really wanted to respond earlier, but I got sidetracked. Been a rough day. I'm sorry :(

For me..chatting on Skype or MSN is da best. Do you happen to have one/wish to add me, by chance? I can understand if you wouldn't want to, but it would be easier for me. D:

That's pretty great! Congrats on getting accepted to that college :) What are you planning to study there? And ah, I'm glad to see another Fairy Tail fan. I'm a part of a community dedicated to it, and I really enjoy it. Not really into anime with a lot of episdes, but FT is an exception. :P 

Bakuman has romance in it? Hmm..I suppose I will have to check it out. Thank you for the recommendation. :3

ScruffyThe1 avatar ScruffyThe1

Great Profile!

Feb 5, 2012

Meh, I don't really use my Facebook..most of my news feed on there is filled with people complaining about relationships, inviting me to use stupid apps, or other unimportant things. xD

I've been alright. Been a bit busy playing vidya games on my PS3 recently, and I started a new semester in school. In terms of anime, I've been watching Fairy Tail and Nisemonogatari..I'm seriously enjoying both of them. Gurren Lagann is something I'm trying to watch, but I keep getting sidetracked >.>

Same questions to you, ma'am. :3

ScruffyThe1 avatar ScruffyThe1

Tell Me About Yourself!

Feb 3, 2012

How goes it? Wha chu up to? :3

Stupid A-P not having notifications for profile comments. MSN/Skype are so much better for conversation >.>

ScruffyThe1 avatar ScruffyThe1


Feb 2, 2012

I have no idea how I came across your profile, but seeing as you are hugely into anime, I thought I would drop by and say hello. :)

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