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sassy1415 avatar sassy1415


Jun 11, 2013

Oh ... last but not least... if you don't know what a hikikomori is - instead of asking, just look it up. You'll know soon enough - and I know you've heard this description of characters used in some shows we've watched. 

sassy1415 avatar sassy1415


Jun 11, 2013

I'll help you figure out how to change your profile pic - known as avatar here, it's very easy. Under the picture itself on your home page there's an option called "edit profile" ... pretty obvious - once it links you to the next page you'll notice a spot clear as day on the right hand side that allows you to upload a picture as your avatar. Of course you'll have to save a photo you like on your computer and then upload said file - also easy to do. If it's too hard just come to me and I'll show you. 

Also - you can find it hard to believce all you want, lol, on the very top of everyone's home page is their "life on anime" and it calculates all the shows you've entered as watched and knows how long those shows are and converts it into hours/days/months, etc. spent watching anime shows. I'm around a month and some ... you're around 2 months and some.. a HUGE difference... 

Another way of knowing is your total episodes count is 3,637 - mine; 2,592. 

sassy1415 avatar sassy1415


Jun 8, 2013

Yay!! Good to see you on here !! You haven't added a pic yet...you should. Just get a picture of one of your favorite characters from a show you've watched. Also, you hikikomori!!!!!!!!!!! I introduced you to the world of anime and you've already exceeded my watched timeframe by a month!!!

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