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Hiii!! This is Crystal! I am absolutely obsessed with anime!! I could talk about it for eternity! I'm usually really bored and thats actually how I started watching anime. I love action, romance, comedy, and horror animeeeesssss.

I started watching anime with my 2 older cousins, and that was actually Naruto, and a bit of Sailor Moon. I watched it in chinese dub though. Remind me neveer to watch chinese dub again. Horrible. And yes, I am fluent in Chinese, English, as well as French.

Personally, the animes I like tend to be fast paced, since slow paced ones make me sick and want to stop watching. I absolutely hate mecha, and slice of life (no offense). I also love comedic romances, and action.  Action romance is absolutely the besttt. Blood+, Code Geass are some of the best ones everrr.

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CrystalPlane Nov 17, 2012

Hi everyone! I'm really new here so I'll be looking forward to your advice!