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about me

Hiya! I'm Fiona or Fi. Most commonly known as CrystalNeko, destinys-spirits or NekoNekoStar around the internet.

Big fan of anime/manga, been an avid fan since I was tiny. Love gaming, my favourite games being Persona 4, Final Fantasy IX and Okami. Big time cosplayer as well, the number of cosplays I've done are ridiculous and still growing!

My anime/manga tastes are very varied, I love mainstream as much as obscure. I love shonen as much as shojo. I'm willing to try pretty much anything out. Recommendations are always welcome.

At the moment my most favourite anime are K-On!!, Shaman King, La Corda d'Oro and Ouran High School Host Club. My favourite manga being Shaman King, Vampire Knight, La Corda d'Oro and anything by Arina Tanemura.

Bit of a music geek, I play the violin, piano and guitar. I mainly play classical music but I do love learning various anime tunes as well for a bit of fun.

I'm currently a student studying Electronic Engineering, specialising in Audio and Media. It's fun but challenging.

I mainly use this website as a way to keep track of what I'm currently watching. I often go for months without watching an anime however when I do watch something I'll be on here at the same time, so any messages may or may not be delayed dependant on whether I'm in an anime-watching mood or not.

Have a good day, thanks for reading my profile!

P.S. It should be noted that I type ridiculous amounts, I apologize in advance.

Cosplay Island | deviantART | Tumblr | LiveJournal

And I'm on many more places ROFL XD;

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Esper26 avatar Esper26

Great Signature!

Oct 11, 2011

Hellow, Epic sig.

s2l avatar s2l


Mar 25, 2011

Toradora remains my favorite! and hi!

dgmikep avatar dgmikep


Nov 4, 2010

Nice profile :) 

"  It should be noted that I type ridiculous amounts, I apologize in advance.  "  Funny  :D


Thanks! ^_^

Nov 1, 2010

thanx you've seen a good amount as well

sweetiesteel avatar sweetiesteel


Oct 12, 2010

Thanks! I...think? Haha...

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