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Elfen Lied

Mar 23, 2014

Elfen Lied


The second biggest thing aside from anime is manga; this is basically how an anime is greenlighted. Manga is simply Japanese comics except not in cover and they're kind of life books, there much longer than your Marvel or Dc comics. Some anime is way better than the manga (I have no examples). However some manga are way better than it's adaptation; and I have one example. Yes, it is true. Today, we'll be discussing Elfen Lied, my favorite manga of all time.


Additional Notes:

Elfen Lied (pronounced Elfen Leed) was a manga written in 2002-2005 by Lynn Okamoto adapted into a 13 episode anime in 2004. The endings of the anime and manga are a lot different since the anime ended before the manga did.

Elfen Lied is obviously 18+ that contains absolute violence, foul langauge, nudity, violence, and violence (and did I mention violence?). Viewer discretion is highly advised.



The story for Elfen Lied is actually kind of neat. A bunch of human girls in the past have been born as creatures called Diclonius. Dicloniuses have horns on their heads and posses invisible arms called vectors, who people suspect, are killing machines and can grow from different lengths depending on phsyical abilites. The Dicloniuses plan to wipe out the entire human race and repopulate the Earth with nothing but Dicloniuses. One Diclonius, named Lucy, is held captive by a government and plan to keep her there and the other prisoners away from any other humans. Lucy breaks free, heavely kills a lot of soldiers, and escapes. Unfortunately, one soldier shoots her in the head, causing her to pass out and fall into the ocean.

The next day, two cousins, Kouta and Yuka, revisist eachother and find Lucy naked by the shore. The weird thing is, Lucy forms another personnality called Nyu, the near opposite of Lucy. Kouta and Yuka take her back to their house and let her stay. Lucy/Nyu keeps changing personalities as she stays with them. She also has a past that involves Kouta and tries t get along with him after the "incident" between them when they last met. Meanwhile, the government searches for Lucy and she meets new people along the way (examples: Mayu, Nana, Nozomi).

 I would say this plot is quite original in it's own unique way and provides a fascinating story about deformity. It's violent but also very depressing.



The characters are the weakest part of Elfen Lied in my opinion because some of them don't provide too much personality as you would suspect, especially Kouta. Plus, every girl in this series is usually naked. You can't go at least one episode or a few chapters without seeing someone without clothes. But those are just stupid nitpicks.

My positive opinion is that the charaters of this show are very emotional and wonderful, main or side. Lucy is suspected as evil but really she was just mistreated. Kouta had suffered through traumatization when he was little so it makes him great, too. Mayu, Yuka, Nana and Nozomi have stories of their own and they provide a great addition to the story. The thing is about the anime is that Nozomi doesn't appear in the anime what so ever, which is kind of sad, I really liked her.

The charaters are great despite my nitpicks.



The art for Elfen Lied is very enjoyable to view and provides great atomosphere for the manga. The charater designs are great, the backgrounds are magnificent, and everything else (if there is) is just marvelous. Yes, I mentioned there's nudity in the manga and anime but that doesn't matter, I still love the art. My favorite thing is too look at the vectors, they look so  cool!

The art is perfect and couldn't possibly get any better.



If you like stuff with lots of gore, tragedy, and just a little a bit of excitement, Elfen Lied may be a good choice for you to take a look at. Just make sure your parents don't catch you or else they'll have some interesting questions to ask. Overall, Elfen Lied is depressing yet very touching despite it's cruelty. 


Ps: Elfen Lied loves puppies, right guys? Right?


(If you have any questions or corrections about this review or Elfen Lied, contact me! ;D)


8.6/10 story
9.5/10 art
7/10 characters
8.3/10 overall
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