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★Hello There Fellow Anime Fan!★ 


I'm just your typical anime reviewer on the internet whose a little too generous but is not afraid to point out flaws! Take a little time to look around, not much to see though. So you are caught up, I always update my profile picture (and sometimes background picture) so you know what upcoming reviews I'm up to and/or my most recent one!

 My reviews are as professional and honest as I can make them! My animation, sound, characters, and story scores now are either whole number or a .5 in the mix (for example 9 or 9.5) but for the overall score it depends on what the average of what my 4 scores are, making it very fair and not too overly bias. I like to try to point out everything I can to a show and give you a path that will lead you to great anime for the future! I don't do manga reviews except for that Elfen Lied review because manga isn't enitrely my thing (doesn't mean I hate, it's just that it's not my thing) so I'm not the perfect account to go to for that!

I do not mind a good ol' chat and it would be great if you would look at my reviews!

How I Score (Review Wise):

10/10 = Perfect in everyway (A score that will sadly never exist).

9+/10 = A masterpiece, a little less than perfect.

8+/10 = Great but some flaws.

7+/10 = Good or Decent but definitely flawed.

6+/10 = Average, Fine, Ok.

5+/10 = Bad but has a few redeeming qualities.

4+/10 = Very Bad.

3+/10 = Horrible.

2+/10 = Plain Awful.

1+/10 = Can't even admit it exsists.

★Next Review★ 

Black Rock Shooter (Spoiler Score: Bad but has a few redeeming qualities)


★Currently Watching★ 

Hyouka (Spoiler Score So Far: Ok, Fine, Average)


★Other Animes I'll Be Watching (In order from left to right: You take a guess which ones they are! XD)★


 ★Other Silly Anime Facts★

My Waifu = Mami Tomoe (Madoka Magica)


My Husbando = TK (Angel Beats)


Trash Waifu (As in Least Favorite Female Character) = Sekai (School Days)


Trash Husbando(s) (As in Least Favorite Male Character)= Kirito (Sword Art Online) and Makoto Itou (School Days)


Yaoi OTP = Hide x Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)


Straight OTP = Issac x Miria (Baccano!)


Yuri OTP = Lain x Alice (Serial Experiements Lain)


Favorite Animes = Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni and Madoka Magica


First Anime I Ever Watched (And Finished) = Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni


 Favorite Anime Opening(s) = Duvet (Serial Experiements Lain) and Guren No Yumiya (Attack on Titan) and Disillusion (F/SN 2006)


Favorite Anime Ending = Resuscitated Hope (Gosick) and Seasons Die One After Another (Tokyo Ghoul)


Favorite Anime OST = Unravel Acoustic Version (Tokyo Ghoul Root A)


Favorite Anime Soundtrack in General = Madoka Magica (duh)



★ My 2 YouTube accounts★ (Main Channel) (Secondary Channel)

 Bye I guess! X3


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LolYeh says...

I see, well hope you're enjoying your time in there ^^.

Jul 4, 2015
LolYeh says...


Haha, by the way nice Musics, they're pretty ^^.

Gone out anywhere so far in this summer vacations?

Jul 4, 2015
XxZeroeZxX says...

Happy 4th my friend! *lifting hug* :D

Hope u hav a fun day ^_^

Jul 4, 2015
LolYeh says...

I'm also doing great thanks ^^. 

What are you doing at the current time?

Jul 3, 2015
LolYeh says...

Hontoni desuka? Arigatou!

Thanks so much :D! So how are you?

Jul 3, 2015