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Mar 13, 2013

The story follows a normal human known as Ichigo Kurosaki our main protagonist in his every day life, except the fact he can see demons normally invisible to the common eye knows as hollows, not haters with holes on their bodies (hence hollow). Upon encountering a hollow attacking Ichigos house we come across a mysterioua girl in black wielding a sword; this girl becomes known to us as Rukia Kuchiki a soul reaper (or shinigami) their primary job is to kill these hollows to allow them salvation so to speak. However Rukia while fighting this specific hollow becomes injured and in desperation gives Ichigo our protagonist some of her powers to fight the hollow, unfortunately she accidentally gives him all her powers. Resulting in Ichigo becoming a substitite soul reaper, the story follows Ichigo and his life as a soul reaper.

Enough of the story now for the review, overall the anime is very plain in story, main guy fights demons (or hollows) more bad people show up, he fights them, more show up ect. The main story itself is pretty intriguing regardless of the constant filler arcs which occur only after a critical part contributing towards the main storyline. Having said that most of the filler arcs are relatively enjoyable and give slight information towards each character.

The animation is superb, the fights are what will hear for let's not kid around, and they won't disappoint the fights will span over a few episodes sometimes but you'll be driven to see what happens next believe it!!, the effects constantly add to the already brimming tension and will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

Accompanied with this amazing animation is the beautiful music by Shiro Sagisu who you may remember from Neon Genesis Evangelion, the moments are made so much more in depth simply by  adding in the sappy sad music which will bring tears to your eyes or the typical heroic action music which will make you cheer them on, I highly recommend getting the soundtrack (It's on my iPhone as I type)

Finally the characters yes their last only because you really won't care, granted each individual character has their own part to plant but unfortunately there is minimal if no character developmeat (Unless you count transforming, which is Awesome!), you won't grow to attached to the characters only the main protagonist and maybe 1 or 2 who youll bond with.

Overall I'm going 9/10 purely due to the great action it brings to the table and the amazing animation and soundtrack base, for a mainstream it's nothing exceptional but it's still something you'll want to watch.

Thankyou for reading and may the gods of death watch over you. (Bad pun I know. 

8/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall

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