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Good Day Ladies and Gentalmen.

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kenshina says...


Here is very very very cold.

So cold that if you stay outside for an hour, a part of your body will freeze.

When you freeze, you will feel hot, because your sense will be discarted.  I think.

Btw, do you play social game??

I bought one this week.  It is called: Arham Horror (or sort of that).

Didn't played yet, but I read the manual.

I asked some other people about the play.

I think it will be an interesting game.

see u

Jan 14, 2009
kenshina says...

Howdy ( How are you doing)?

I think that's what it means..

Soon the school starts, well it did start already.

Since I've been passing by, I wanted to say hello.

Ah, btw, have you watched Last Exile??

=D Such a great anime.

Look at my top anime.  It's on 2nd place ^_^

Well, gtg now. see u.

Jan 8, 2009
Tyrinari says...
It has been a bit stressful... and disorganized. I've had a hard time keeping up with everything I need to do. I'm working through it though... How was your Holiday? I love the new avatar, it's so cute@ ^__^
Dec 26, 2008
kenshina says...

Does it happens to you?

Like you submit your comment, but it doesn't post so you have a rewrite things over?

It just happened to me. ARGH.  But well, today, I am happy, so I'll let that go.

Merry Xmas.

Today's december 25!

Got any presents?

I got a sketchbook and color pencils =D

I hope you're doing well.

See you arround.

Dec 25, 2008
SpineShank says...

Hey man. It's been a while. Nice to hear from ya ^^

Dec 24, 2008