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Spring & Summer 2014 in order of cool to lame (WIP)

No Game No Life seems to be the winner at the moment, but we'll see how the Summer continues. Sword Art Online II has only one episode out, and I really wish that it'll continue in the venue of cool and lift itself from the rut of Elfheim. Hoozuki looks very original to me, both in execution and story. I usually prefer more action-based anime, but Hoozuki is very entertaining, not to mention pretty. Mekaku City Actors opened awesomely, but I was slightly disappointed with the continuance. The show didn't hold itself up in the end, and fell below Sidonia no Kishi, which also has a few problems. The biggest being, that I can't help but compare it with Shingeki no Kyoujin constantly; it also loses the competition, both animation and story wise. Halfway through I got fed up with everyone who gets even a little bit important to the main character dying. It became so predictable that even the shock-value disappeared. M3 did not look good to me at first, but I continued with it, and don't regret the decision. The story developed quite a lot, and I enjoy the tension between the characters. There are a few very intereting plot-twists that make me think of Evangelion with a less bitchy main character, and darker undertones. I'm looking forward to see how it continues. Mahouka koukou no rettousei I've liked quite a lot, but it also gets slightly boring at times. The sister-brother relationship I'm not a very big fan of, mostly because of the sister's weakness of character. A similar relationship can be found in Chaika, and that one I prefer. The creators have managed to spin it into a more equal relationship with dry humour, instead of making the sister into a worshipping little tool for the brother to use. Akame ga Kill! is worth it because of the combination of light-hearted humor and a trusting main character and the brutal deaths. Of course I have not seen much of it yet, but I'm hopeful. WIXOSS is like a card-game Madoka. Instead of becoming a mahou shoujo, you play a gard-came to fulfill a wish. It contains the same elements of loss and wishes that hurt in the end. The wishes do not come out like they are supposed to and when you lose the game there are consequeces. It is interesting, but that's about it. Chaika is only worth it to watch because of the Saboteur siblings. Their personality is what keeps the show afloat. Most of the other characters fall flat and the episodes become boring after a while. I am intrigued about the mystery of Chaika, and how she came to be, but that's the only thing that could make me watch the 2nd season. Dramatical Murder I'm familiar with because of the games. I'm quite sure that the show will be somewhat different. The first episode did make me want to continue watching, but also acknowledge that it might go downhill in the future...


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