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13 AUG

I thought it'd be convenient to have the SBS here.


D: What are the ages of Luffy, Zoro, Nami, and Shanks?

O: There were a lot of letters asking about ages. A whole lot. I think it might be the most of any particular question. Well, I'll answer it. At present, Luffy is 17, Zoro is 19, and Nami is 18. Because we don't know where Shanks is for the moment, I'll tell you his age from 10 years ago. He was 27 at the time he was stopped at Luffy's village. Coincidentally, Usopp is 17 along with Luffy.

D: Why are the bad guys all so suspicious?

O: Uh... suspicious...? Well now that you mention it, they are rather suspicious, yes. But they're a mysterious kind of suspicious. They're fascinating, aren't they?


D: Oda Eiichiro-sensei, can you really stretch out your arms and legs? (Like Luffy) It was written in Jump.

O: Whoa! I thought I told them to keep it a secret.


D: I have a question about you, Oda-sensei. What do you do with everything your fans send you?

O: It's in my room. All of it. By the way, I'm still reading ALL of the letters and postcards sent to me. It really does pump me up. If this keeps up, I think I can safely say that I would like to continue being a mangaka. Thank you.


D: Isn't the source of Zoro's name the famous pirate "Frances L'ollonais"?

O: You got it. I took the name from Frances L'ollonais, who was the cruelest of all the "Caribbean Pirates". That along with Morgan Alvida, are two actual pirate names.


D: This is about Captain "Buggy the Clown"! Is that Captain Buggy's real hair that sticks out of both sides of his hat? Or is it a decoration like a wig? I'm really curious to find out! If it really is his own, then Captain Buggy sure has long hair...

O: Yes. This question has been asked several times. Just take a look at this.


D: Why does Luffy have so little "nervousness"?

O: It must be because he's so stupid. Heheheh.


D: Luffy's treasure is his straw hat. Is your treasure a straw hat too, sensei? If it isn't, tell me what is!!

O: My treasure? Of course, it's ALL YOU READERS.


D: How did Mohji's hair get like that?

O: He was born like that. Only those 2 spots grow out quickly. If he left it alone, he'd end up looking like a rabbit.


D: I thought up a new special move for Luffy.

First, he uses the "Gomu Gomu Balloon" to make his stomach swell up.

Then, use the "Gomu Gomu Pistol" (or one of Zoro's swords) to pop a hole in his stomach.

Explosion!! The name of the move is Gomu Gomu "Bomb"!!

O: Thank you for sharing. But then Luffy would, you know. Die.

Chapter 30 (page 90)

D: How far can Luffy's arm stretch? Please tell me.

O: Pretty far. Right now it can stretch about 72 Gomu Gomus. Luffy was telling me before how he wanted to try hard and reach 100 Gomu Gomus.


D: Nice to meet you. Thanks to you, Oda-sensei, I was able to get into high school safely. Thank you very much.

O: Okay................ huh?


D: How do you decide on the characters' names?

O: I just decide what sounds nice for each one. I also get them from real pirates' names. Or not.


D: Why doesn't Luffy ever kill his enemies? If you look back, he didn't kill Mohji, he didn't kill Helmepp or Captain Morgan, or anyone. Well, Zoro was the one who beat Morgan, but still. Why?

O: Ahh, good question. First of all, Morgan is still alive. His former subordinates put him in prison. So why didn't he kill him? In this era, people put their lives on their beliefs and convictions, and fight. Luffy goes into battle and destroys others' beliefs. When these enemies' beliefs are shattered, and they lose, they feel a pain as great as dying. I think that for these pirates, killing or not killing is secondary to winning or losing.


D: So by the way, sensei, do you like animals? It seems like there's at least one animal in all your cover pages...

O: I certainly do put animals on my covers. Well, if you like something, you like it, but I would consider my attraction to animals to be only "average". I just like drawing animals. I like drawing really wacky things. Like pandas roaring with laughter when being born, and wombats on the run from the authorities. I, I also like faces that look like an owl that was shoot with a peashooter.


D: Is the poopy-looking mark on Clahadour's suit actually poop? Or does it have any other meanings...?

O: It's poop.


D: A question. Nami's three sizes (bust-waist-hip). Please, I'm really serious about this.

O: I see. An honest question. Okay, I understand. Well I still don't know myself, so why don't we go measure for ourselves? Okay! Here we go!! Whoa!!

Nami: What, my three sizes?

O: Oh, you scared me. I didn't know you were there, Nami... This is perfect. Let's get this over with! Here we go... "thonk"!! OWW!!

N: I'll let you measure me, but... it's expensive, you know?

O: Huh...?! H... how much...? WHAAAAT?! THAT MUCH?! You... you think I can pay that much?! "Flash" Now!! There's a chance!! "Pow"!! Owwwee!!

N: If you don't have any money, then the deal's off! Bring some next time! Bye!

O: ...c.... crap! That sucked!! H... however! At any rate, I WILL get her to let us measure her!! Just wait, boys! I'll keep my promise!!


D: I have a question. Why does Zoro always wear that old fogey stomachband (haramaki)? Please tell me.

O: How rude!! Just sit down right there!! Okay! Remember that the haramaki is the high-fashion-nice-fit battle garb of the proudest of Nippon's warriors!! Contemplate that! You may leave!


D: Who is this person "Itou Mikio" that appears in the three manga "One Piece", "Butsu Zone" and "Rurouni Kenshin"? It wasn't even cleared up in "Butsu Zone", so I would really like it if you would explain.
D: I'll ask you directly! Who is Itou Mikio? I'm really curious.
I found him: in Volume 1, pg.14, the third panel, behind the first mate.
pg.16, the first panel, on the bottle.
p.86, the second panel, behind Luffy.
In volume 2, the cover page on pg.3, beside Zoro.

He seems like a wanted suspect! Please tell me. What is he?

O: So you found it. You got me. He exists. He certainly does.
His name is Mikio Itoo (pronounced E-2), and he's a quick draw. The characters in "Butsu Zone" (Which was drawn by "Sandan Takei" (aka Takei Hiroyuki), who is currently drawing "Shaman King" for Jump, and "Rurouni Kenshin" called "Mikio Itou" who were traveling actors are actually the same person. Let's just say he's a "fellow runner in the wilderness". How many times has he saved our lives with his covering fire? Maybe sometime soon, he will reveal himself to you all.


D: Write a profile for us, Ei-chan! (Is that your real name?)

O: It's my real name. Well, I was born on January 1st, 1975, Capricorn, blood type A, year of the Rabbit, and I like movies. I try my best.


D: I have a question for you, Oda-sensei. When did you decide to become a manga artist? And what did you do in order to become one? Please please tell me.

O: First of all, I decided to become a manga artist when I was 4. The moment I learned there was an occupation such as a manga artist in the adult world, I thought it would be great! I could be an adult and still not have to work! So I decided. I first began actually drawing in 7th grade or so. As for what I did to become one, I made lots of little scribbles. Even now I have a little drawing pad I carry around and scribble in it as I think of how the story should progress.


D: I realize this is kind of a fanatical question, but in "Mizu no Tomodachi Kappaman"(Watery Friend Kappaman) by Tokuhiro Masaya, 1st volume, page 93, 4th panel, the name Oda Eiichiro shows up, but why? Were you an assistant?

O: You got it. Well spotted. I was an assistant. My assistant history was with Kaitani Shinobu-sensei's "Midori-yama Police Gang", Tokuhiro Masaya-sensei's "Jungle King Taa-chan" and "Mizu no Tomodachi Kappaman", and Watsuki Nobuhiro-sensei's "Rurouni Kenshin". I learned many things from these three senseis. I really look up to them, as manga artists and as human beings.


D: About how many are there in the "Devil Fruit Series", and what kind of fruits will turn up?

O: For what kinds, I'll keep it a secret because I want you to see how they'll show up in the story. But as for how many, according to the rumors I've heard, there are more than 100 of them. And that a lot of the possessors of the Devil Fruit powers are wriggling about You-Know-Where.


D: I made that Luffy doll from volume 2 really well, and it's displayed in my room right now. So, I think you should continue with this plan. For example, volume 3 could be Zoro Roronoa, volume 4 could be Nami, and volume 5 could be Usopp, and as the kinds of displays grow and grow, people would really look forward to the release dates of the comics.

D: Luffy, friends, and enemies, have a fashion show!! You'd show designs from all the readers! How about it?

D: The answer to difficult problems. "Luffy's Consultation Room"

D: A picture book of all the animals on Gaimon's island.

D: You most certainly need a corner called "One Piece Cross-sections". A corner that, for instance, shows the construction of Luffy's body through diagrams, and what happens inside of pirate ships, etc.

D: Please draw Luffy and friends like cowboys.

D: I think that a corner that exhibits(?) pictures of "Luffy and Characters" from the "SBS" readers would be cool.

D: Please show the original designs for Luffy and the others, like you did with Captain Morgan's "How he came to be" in volume 1.

O: ...and many more ideas in this vein have been sent to me. Thank you very much. I'll try them out little-by-little as we go along. For the present we're going to have a new illustration corner from the master artist, Usopp, entitled "Usopp Gallery Pirates". And now, a word from the sponsor himself.

Usopp: Yeah, I'm taking drawings now. But it will always be on a small scale. Oda said it's too hard to select from tons of pictures. Only the serious should accept the challenge. First prize is a world vacation! Just kidding! I'll send you an autograph from Oda!! Your content should be-! Illustrations and fashion shows from whatever One Piece characters you choose! The address is at the end of the volume!


Chapter 35 doesn't have an SBS, instead, it has the address to the "Usopp Pirate Gallery"

About sending to the new corner "Usopp Gallery Pirates"

- In short, the content is as described before. Illustrations of whatever OP character you like, or whatever fashion you like.
- It's okay if you send them in on postcards, but remember to draw something that will show up well when printed in black and white

- Don't draw in pencil.

- We'll print your name with it, so people who don't want their own name should not forget to include a pen-name.
- Don't forget your address either, as we will send the first place winner an autograph.

Post 101-8050
Tokyo-shi, Chiyoda-ku, Hitotsubashi 2-5-10
Shueisha Shuukan Shounen Jump Editorial Dept.
Oda Eiichirou

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