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l0v3g00d Nov 18, 2011


nothing really. sit on the computer all day. but that's what i do every weekend. :d

what about you?

l0v3g00d Nov 18, 2011

aw, i forgot they don't have those days off. that's quite stupid if you ask me. :d

my new school has the whole week off, and i haven't been to school all this week either! o:

i would enjoy the talent show, though. i would make fun of all of them because they all suck muahah.

l0v3g00d Nov 18, 2011

HAHAHA i know right! 

and yes, yes i did.

tell her i said helloo too!

l0v3g00d Nov 17, 2011

yeah, it was really cute.

and yes she annoyed me a lot.

SinTheory Nov 10, 2011

Im amazing!!!! playing pokemon monopoly :)