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I adore these characters


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l0v3g00d Nov 26, 2011

ah i hate school so much! there is nothing i hate more than it!

well except country music. haha.

at least christmas break is in 3 weeks or so!

l0v3g00d Nov 26, 2011

i just came back from a mall and i got this awesome shirt.

other than that all i have been doing is watching anime. i am also dreading school because i won't get all this time to watch it. .-.

what about you?

l0v3g00d Nov 25, 2011

haha. i like the internet and it makes me happy. real life makes me want to puch everyone in the face. does that make sense?

woo friends! too bad i live 5 hours away.


l0v3g00d Nov 25, 2011

ewww pie is so gross! 

i know. that makes me sad.

and coool! new things are always nice. :-)

l0v3g00d Nov 25, 2011

ohhhhh i know right. she was so adorable too and everytime she said "i don't want to disappear from your heart" i wanted to sob oh my god. thank you! i hope you had a gr8 thanksgiving too. :) and actually i don't even eat much food on the holidays. just rolls and mashed potatoes, haha. :d