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l0v3g00d says...

wait what game

and yes weekends are the best.

Dec 1, 2011
l0v3g00d says...

are you dancing because your tummy hurts or does your tummy hurt because you are dancing?

well, this week is going by super slow. slow weeks suck.

Nov 30, 2011
l0v3g00d says...

yes even though i barely talked, i do miss siting there at lunch. it's better than sitting alone!

i just miss that school though! i really don't like this school at all. there is way too much homework. :p

Nov 30, 2011
l0v3g00d says...

my school is weird. it has "A" days and "B" days. on "A" days you go to the first 4 classes and they are an hour and a half long!!! and on "B" days you go to the last 4 classes.

and when i got to spanish, they were watching the lion king in spanish. ha.

i actually kind of miss that school. :d

Nov 28, 2011
l0v3g00d says...

right, i forgot about that.

ahh at least you got to experience homeschooling and not have to deal with people for a while!

well anyways. i wish to you a fabulous day at school tomorrow~~ if that is possible.


Nov 27, 2011