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I adore these characters


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l0v3g00d says...


dang 26 episodes. i'll probably just wait.

fkdhkgdskgs yaaay. i love anohana so much. it makes me want to sob but it's so great. i love menma too she is the cutest ever...

Dec 8, 2011
l0v3g00d says...

you are welcome. :-)

do you mean good and intense twisted or weird and gross twisted?

and i just noticed that it's on-going. bleh. i would rather watch finished ones because i don't like waiting... but if it's really good i'll wait i guess..

Dec 7, 2011
l0v3g00d says...

your birthday was yesterday.. awh happy late birthday! :-)

haha, but i do need to watch that too...

Dec 6, 2011
l0v3g00d says...

i haven't watched any in like 3 years because of all of this freaking homework OH MY GOD.

i hate school. .-.

but there is only 10 more school days until winter break........

anyway. what are you doing this weekend?

Dec 3, 2011
l0v3g00d says...

wow i am confused.

well. i'm on this website on a school computer. they don't block it waah.


Dec 2, 2011