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AlexaDawn says...

Rofl!, Yeah! you be captain and i"ll be second commanding officer...of chocolate. i demand my pay be at least a chocolate bar per minute. ;)

Apr 20, 2011
AlexaDawn says...

Chocolate land! i wanna go!

Chocolate lovers . . . unite!

Apr 20, 2011
theazariah says...

Also, I forgot to say, my avatar is from BECK, my other favourite series of all time

Apr 20, 2011
theazariah says...

Thanks for saying hi. I totally agree about the haruhi movie. It's probably the best anime movie I've ever seen... honourable mention to 5cm per second and Summer Wars :). I'm a pretty big Haruhi fan though. i heard that the next Haruhi book comes out May 25th or so, so maybe they will make more shows in the next couple years! (hopeful).


Apr 20, 2011