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I adore these characters


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iiMariaUshiromiya Sep 17, 2011

>8D Anime Planet can be very useful. ^.^

And I am sorry I can't go to Usual Spot alot, dupid school. DX I miss chuuu. >.<

But, it'll be the holidays in a week! 8D So I'll be able to visit more. ^.^

iiMariaUshiromiya Sep 10, 2011

8DD HOI! It's me Maria!! ^.^

RinOakies Sep 8, 2011

xD I'm listening to Take on me. o - o

Kaito is singing it though~ XDI thought it was in japanese first. = - =

that's how bad my english is. T _ T

KyokiXJapanFreak Aug 19, 2011

Wow!! Four dogs... sounds amazing! Especially since two are guard dogs!

My face at the moment = :OOOOOO

xD Ahh, chocolate milk is lovely.... orange soda also sounds nice :P

Thanks!~ I had a great time! But, since my parents like museums, we did go to a couple of them. I don't mind museums, but they do get a bit boring after a while :P

KyokiXJapanFreak Aug 14, 2011

I don't really like green to be honest xDD

OH yeah! I forgot about chocolate!! :OO *eats cookie* ... Cream filled chocolate eclaires sound lovely....

I'm scared of dogs DD: But, awesome! How many dogs do you have? :D


Favourite thing to drink.. well, not water and I hate fizzy drinks.. so orange or blackcurrant or, most recently, strawberry milkshake! :DD <33

What about you?? :)

~By the way, I'm going on holiday till Friday, so speak more when I get back! :D