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Current obsession? Part 2!

25 NOV

Please refer to an earlier blog post of mine:


To see one of my previous obsessions! As for part 2... Just what is it I'm "obsessing" over now, you ask?!


No surprise, seeing as I am a big fan of the Mirai Nikki manga, which has just recently been adapted into anime! (Which, on a sidenote, said anime is being adapted very well! I'm so proud!) 

However, the irony of this obsession is:

1. My favorite character is Minene Uryu, yet Yuno has caught my interest for the time being. 

2. I'm just so surprised I adore her, I'm puzzled, even! Had I not been a fan of the series and someone described Yuno? I'd lable her the next Kotonoha Katsura (who I hate, by the way). I just don't know why I like Yuno! You know?! I just do.

Perhaps because her insanity is truly justified? I'm sure that's it.

Anyway, enough of that~ o u o

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