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Blatant References are so interesting!

26 MAY

I know it's been done with Lucky Star, but... Seitokai no Ichizon makes such blatant references to other series, even so much as just outright saying the title! Why does this interest me? Am I really that big of an anime geek? But, come on, there's a Higurashi reference in the very first episode! And no, not a subtle one, if this wasn't a parody, it'd be copyright altogether! The comedy isn't enough to make me burst into a fit of laughter like Mitsudomoe's was, but the references... The references...

And on a sidenote, I originally started watching this series, after searching character tags on this site. There was but one anime girl who has brown hair, is a tsundere, a tomboy, and wears pigtails...This would be Miinatsu of the aforementioned Seitokai no Ichizon! All of the listed traits... are my traits as well...

Well then! Time to watch the second episode! (Yes, I wrote this after only one episode!)

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