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I'm a nerdy Jock and I see nothing wrong with that... HAIL WEISS!!!!!

If anyone is interested in martial arts like shura no toki or Grappler Baki then contact me...

if anyone likes violence like Berserk or Outlaw Star or many others along those lines contact me...

If anyone just wants someone to talk to or get anime recommendations from then def contact me...

I love anime the older ones I have to say I like better but some of the new ones are awesome too...

p.s if you like stuff like High School of the Dead or High School DXD then give me more recommendations plz... not just cause its ecchi but cause of the AWESOME action and gore and violence AND cause of the ecchi lol...

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drochu Jan 24, 2013

call me you have my number i dont have yours my phone broke im sorry my computer broke to so now im using my bosses computer but call or text me some time and if your around grafton we should hang out. so hope to here from you soon

drochu Aug 14, 2012

i havent heard from you for a will im starting to worry call me some time so i know your ok (701) 331-2953

drochu May 4, 2012

hey how it going, you need to get minutes for your phone so we can talk some time, and coordnater good for you, im appieing for jobs and i still cant spell, but i have a new fav anime (zero no tskana) or english (falilier of zero), i prity much sit at home watching anime of hang with friend you need to watch avengers it is my new fav movie it is halarious and epic, and if you get a ps3 with online add (drochuXD) thats me ^^ if you get a hold of a phone call me some time and we can talk.

Spaceface Apr 26, 2012

Oh I almost forgot, about berserk! They are actually making movies of that in Japan atm. And they are planning to adapt the entire series. You can probably expect the first subbed version of part 1 comming out May/June. The first 10 minutes can be found on youtube :) you should have a look!

Spaceface Apr 26, 2012

Hey Crimson, It's a good question about what makes a good anime to me. I remember when I started watching I focussed mostly on action/adventure anime because it begged me to keep watching it the most. But eventually I felt I was running out of the good ones and I started to switch towards anime that blends more different genres together. A pure romance anime is something you'll be hard pressed to find on my list maybe with the exception of the most famous/higher rated ones. The same applies to slice of life, mystery and  echi. It's not really my core genre, but sometimes they do something new and grab your attention (like highschool of the dead). I guess the best anwser to sum up your question would be that I like anime that moves me, challenges my mind, or just has many explosions ^^

Still though alot of these less accesible genres need more time in my oppinion. They just don't grab you as quickly as others do. Good example of that is gintama. That didn't start to really grow on until I watched about 20 episodes. I even dropped it for a year after I just watched the first one. On the other hand there is alot of clichee anime that I watch and it annoys me and entertains me at the same time.

On a side note, I did watch Hajime No Ippo and it is my favourite sports/martial arts anime probably.