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Nov 2, 2010

One night, while I'm flipping channels ... I run across a small anime called Kekkaishi on adult swim. Immediately it sparks my curiosity so I hunt it out on the internet.  This is where I started my adventure of love, hate, magic, demons, and best of all ... explosions.

Kekkaishi is an anime that follows 2 younger children that are born and raised to protect a sacred land, where their school happens to be.  This land (Karasumori) is a place of immense power, and demons only need to stay there for a short time to become powerful.  The story line is so-so.  Monks and demons are no-where near an original idea. But the idea of creating spiritual boxes around them, and making them explode ... IS.  

The beginning of the anime shows one of the main characters Yoshimori Sumimura as a small child.  He's quite the crier:

Yoshimori and Tokine

I mean, he's always crying.  To the point, where I didn't want to watch the anime anymore.  I struggled through his annoying attitude and demeanor to finally reach episode 20 or so.  That's where the anime actually started getting my attention.  Now I find myself using Ketsu and Metsu as I walk around in every day life.

Ketsu of a water style demon in episode 26 by Tokine

The anime style is a mix of older drawing techniques and new drawing techniques.  As I have stated in previous reviews, I'm a bit of a sucker for newer prettier animation.  This one definitely has it's moments.  

The story line in the 20's episodes is really starting to form.  An evil organization of demons is wanting control over the land where the Kekkaishi (Tokine and Yoshimori) are protecting. The demons have an ultimate goal, but it's yet to be established.  

Music and sound effects for the anime are pretty decent.  The songs chosen for specific situations has the ability to really get you in the mood.  The sound effects accompanied with the actions of the characters is really well done, also.

Overall, I'm getting more and more into this anime.  I suggest though that you fight through the first 10+ episodes to get to the good stuff.  I think you'll be impressed with what Kekkaishi has to offer.

7/10 story
6/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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