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Well I have been watching anime for a very long time (I started in like....2005 i think) and have loved it ever since. I started with Noein, loved the show, and started to look for other shows much like it. Much to my enjoyment, I found a lot of amazing, sad, happy, and just awesome anime. Thanks to this site, which I had been using for a while before I even made an account, I am able to further expand my list of great anime.

While I do watch some violent shows (Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni (O.O violent)) I prefer the simple romantic comedies, some with a little magic thrown in. And yes, I am a guy.

A guy that likes romance over violence, fear me. (And no, I don't like sports, I think they are boring...)

Another favorite genre of mine is the thought provoking ones, just how Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni was. I would rather be guessing at what was going to happen next, rather than be like "Well, saw that coming."

If you happen to meander upon my profile and can think of some good shows for me to watch, feel free to send me a message.

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Yokume Jul 15, 2010

Yeah, pretty much long time no talk xD

And i should beo much more active in here, but at leasti am still watchin anime xD

Im doing fine, since last time i were in here,  have moved to a very nice city and have slowly begun to work harder at cosplays. Right now I am preparing a Xerxes Break, pandora uniform version ( from the anime pandora hearts ) for a contest at the next convention I am gonna be at ( after the cosplay headmaster talked me into joining the contest.. first time for me being alone in a cosplay contest.. * already nervous * )

Its a little expensive cosplay, but hopefuly I will survive xD. How about you? How are you doing?

Yokume Aug 17, 2009

Yeah i know that about Toradora! But i have put it as want to watch, since im not thaaat much into romantic things, i like action.

And the thing about neon gnesis evangelioin; i mysef have never really been in to the mecha thing, but since my best friend ( riku-risa at dunno if you have heard about her, but shes quite known for her cosplays ;) ) because her fave-character is Rei and one of her fave animes are NGE, so i have promised her to watch NGE, but as you can see im not gotten that long in it yet xD

Yokume Aug 14, 2009

Haha. How funny. WEll. I can only say you have a good taste then ;)

And I hope you will get just as positive surpriced over Canaan as I did, I was nearly in chok when i had watched the first episode. ^^, I also like Phantom; requiem for the phantom, even though it is an anime in a different plan. but still; shooting and assasions. ( <- know its spelled wrong XD ) its just love. I like action  <3

But enjoy your trip in to the world of Canaan ;) And it doesnt matter that you put me on as your friend. it's only nice to meet new people :D

Kari5 Apr 17, 2009

Nice choice :p

Kari5 Apr 17, 2009

When you're not on your profile page, there should be a section on the right side of your page that includes links like "My Profile", "My Anime" "My Signature". Click on My Signature. You'll be at a page with your sig at the top, and some html. There should be a link that says "add/update signature"; there you can change your picture by uploading your own photo, or go here: to find a bunch of premade ones!

I hope that's not too confusing!